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Holistic Health Melbourne
"I was a very heavy smoker for some 26 years. I walked in very sceptical and left surprised, relaxed and confident that I could stop smoking. That was over three years ago and I am still a non-smoker. With so much media and advice from other medical practitioners, I find it hard to believe that so much insight and confidence can be gained in one session. Truly an amazing experience. Thank you so much for giving me my life back!”

Holistic Health Melbourne - The Quit Specialist

Keren, The QUIT Specialist, makes it easy to stop smoking, in one session, with permanent results. There is so much more to quitting than just trying not to smoke and Keren gives her clients the understanding that they need of what has been making them smoke and how easy it can be to stop.

Together they bust the myths around cigarettes and smoking, and her clients often feel surprised as she gives them critical information that puts them back in control.

A Hypnotherapy session completes the process and locks in a new pattern of thinking and behavior that guarantees that they will easily become a non-smoker with a focus on being fit, vibrant and healthy.

There are no medications or nicotine replacement products. There are no withdrawal symptoms. The only side-effect is feeling relaxed, peaceful and in control. Most clients find that they have a renewed sense of vigour and determination to succeed in other areas of their life as well.

It seems that most people are educated to believe that the best way to stop smoking is by using nicotine replacement therapy and pharmaceutical products. Often it can be a lengthy, expensive program with unwanted side-effects. Sometimes they are successful, mostly not for any length of time.

However, because of this widely held belief, many people come to see Keren as a last resort, after they have tried everything else that is on the market. By this time, they often feel disheartened, have a sense of failure and find that this begins to impact on other areas of their life.

After a session with Keren, they are back in control, feeling joyful, motivated and confident that they have stopped smoking. And they have.

So smokers, you can save yourself money, time and unwanted side-effects. When you’re sure that you are completely ready to quit, make a call to Keren, The QUIT Specialist your first step, not your last resort.

"Easy, relaxing, supported and powerful. I'm walking out with more knowledge about smoking than I have had from 20 years of smoking"

Why did they fail to succeed?

  • They didn’t have all of the information available to them that they needed to know about smoking and cigarettes.

  • They didn’t know about the underlying and complex reasons sabotaging their efforts

  • They never questioned the beliefs that have been around as long as cigarettes .. that it is hard to give up, nicotine is addictive and you will have withdrawal cravings, symptoms and probable gain weight.

Keren provides her clients with a complete understanding of what has been driving them to continue smoking. She also addresses some of these commonly held beliefs about cigarettes and smoking, and provides them with integral information that busts the myths and places them firmly back in control.

A hypnotherapy session completes the process, locking in a new way of behaviour and thinking that will guarantee they easily continue to be a non-smoker as time goes by, with a focus on becoming, vibrant, fit and healthy. There are no withdrawals and negative symptoms, the only side-effect they are left with is feeling in control, relaxed and peaceful.

"For someone wanting to stop smoking, a session with Keren is so much more than a traditional Hypnotherapy session. She has the knowledge, skills and experience to work at a very deep level with her client to find out why they smoke, and why it has been difficult for them to stop. The session is empowering, enlightening and insightful for the client, and this enables them to apply what they have discovered in other areas of their life. Quitting cigarettes is just the beginning as they embrace a higher level of clarity and control. Many do become the very best version of themselves, lead the lives that they want, and successfully achieve their goals. The client is not the only one to benefit from this – the changes flow into other areas of their personal and professional lives, as they become more healthy, vibrant, purposeful and focused."

If you are ready to stop smoking, and would like to do it in one easy session, Keren would love to hear from you.

Qualification Details

  • Diploma of Kinesiology

  • Diploma of Health Sciences (Holistic Kinesiology)

  • Advanced NLP Practitioner

  • Advanced Hyperton-X Practitioner

  • Certified Hyperton-X Instructor

  • Certificate of Hypnosis

  • "Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes" specialist

  • “Reach Your Ideal Weight” specialist

  • Theta Healing™ Advanced DNA Practitioner

  • Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Spiritual Development Teacher

  • ATDY Foundation, Advanced & Master level (Nepal)

  • Cert Kahuna Bodyflow Massage

  • Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment

  • Cert of Workplace Leadership

  • First Aid Level 2

  • Member of NFH (National Federation of Healers

  • Member of AIK (Australian Institute of Kinesiology)+


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