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Welcome to Holistic Bliss Kinesiology Are you feeling tired? Stressed or anxious? Low in energy? Experiencing muscle pain/Headaches? Or suffering with digestive or hormonal issues? Kinesiology at Holistic Bliss can help your mind and body find its natural balance.

Holistic Bliss Kinesiology

Servicing area

City of Melville, Booragoon, Fremantle and surrounding areas, WA

Focus areas

Sleep issues Anxiety Fear Essential oils Complementary Well-being

About Us

Kinesiology treatments help your body and mind feel a sense of harmony, balance, and ease throughout all the body systems including emotional, physical, nutritional, neurological, hormonal, and immune to help you in achieving holistic wellness. Kinesiology is classified as a complementary health modality and is completely safe, natural, and gentle.

Kinesiology is based on ancient Chinese healing combined with modern western physiological sciences using muscle biofeedback to assess and to balance or diffuse our subconscious stresses that can cause an imbalance within our mind or body, showing in a variety of ways of emotional or physical discomfort or pain. Kinesiology has proven to be highly effective in unlocking and releasing these built-up stresses to improve your happiness, health, and wellbeing.

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