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Holistic Psychotherapy & Counselling

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I am a Holistic Psychotherapist, reader and teacher of the Tarot and Sacred Circle facilitator.

Holistic Psychotherapy & Counselling


I graduated with an advanced Diploma in Holistic Psychotherapy and Diploma in Holistic Counselling from the Metavision Institute in Bowral NSW

My aim is to help women discover their own ability for self healing of body, soul and spirit. Self worth creates connection and oneness with others and all of nature.

My background in Aromatherapy, natural therapies and knowledge of the Tarot combined with Holistic Psychotherapy allows me to work holistically with my clients.

Life can present many challenges and transitions. Some of the issues women may present with are:
  • Grief and loss
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Inability to cope with change
  • Deep underlying fears
  • Being alone/abandoned

To find solutions and regain a sense of wellbeing, where appropriate I draw on the following methods:





Why am I passionate about Holistic Psychotherapy?

I believe effective healing can only take place if our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies are in harmony with each other.

Working for many years in the area of women’s health highlighted to me the importance of addressing emotional issues as well as the physical. Many of the clients were victims of domestic violence and abuse. They consequently suffered significant mental, physical stress and trauma. In discussion with my clients it became apparent that the physical symptoms of dis-ease manifested in many cases after they experienced the emotional and spiritual trauma.

The Tarot and Holistic Counselling are complimentary. The two can combine to create a truly healing way to wellness.

I have found that the Tarot and its symbolism is a transformative tool that I can use to offer my clients insight and guidance on their journey to healing.

I studied the Tarot with Paul Fenton-Smith at the Academy of Psychic Sciences, Sydney. Since then my respect and passion for the Tarot continues to grow and deepen.

Coming from a Jungian and Gestalt perspective gives my clients an opportunity to actively participate during a session and thus lead to a greater self awareness and ultimately, healing.

15% off when you book 3 sessions and mention Natural Therapy Pages

SACRED CIRCLES - Seasonal Ritual Meditations

We are all children of Mother Earth, but with the "busy-ness" of modern life, we may forget this, becoming disconnected and cut off from our roots.

Celebrating the seasonal rituals and honouring nature helps us remember our beginnings.

As a Sacred Circle facilitator, I invite you to join me eight times throughout the wheel of the year to:
  • Be part of Gaia's process, which is also our own
  • Reconnect with Mother Earth
  • Discover what powerful beings we truly are.

For further information please contact Elizabeth Holt on 0412 351 904 or via email on .

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Holistic Psychotherapy & Counselling