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Hornsby Health Centre

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At Hornsby Health Centre we believe that everyone of us is a unique individual deserving a personalised approach.

About Hornsby Health Centre

Welcome to Hornsby Health Centre

We provide a variety of different natural and complementary therapies to assist you to get the best possible treatment for you mind, body and soul.

Our primary goal is to support and guide our clients in restoring health to all areas of their life by resolving the causes of pain, stress and illness, not simply the symptoms.

About Jacqueline

Dip Remedial Massage/Dip Lymphatic Drainage

Jacqueline has always had an interest in alternative therapies and later decided to study massage at Nature Care College, St Leonards. After four and a half years, she completed her Diplomas in Remedial Massage and Lymphatic Drainage in 2007.

Initially, she set up a small practice at home as well as making home visits to the elderly. Jacqueline realized there was an important need for massage in the local nursing homes, so she made regular visits to massage the residents, which she found very rewarding.

Since 2010, Jacqueline has also been working at Hornsby Health Centre utilising her skills in Massage and Lymphatic Drainage.

Lymphatic Drainage has helped a lot of clients with Lymphoedema, mastectomies, chronic sinus conditions and inflammation, to name a few.

This modality is important in assisting people with serious health issues.

Over time, Jacqueline has added Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy to her list of skills. Reiki is a Japanese system of profound healing on a spiritual level where the client will feel very relaxed and revitalized.

Jacqueline has also completed all four levels of Craniosacral Therapy in 2016. Craniosacral therapy works on gradually releasing trauma deep in the central nervous system of the body, which then can mobilize the Cranium, spine and sacrum. Her clients have felt major shifts in releasing their trauma, resulting in a more positive outlook on life!

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At Hornsby Health Centre we believe that every one of us is a unique individual deserving a personal and holistic healthcare approach.