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Our aim is to foster perfect balance and alignment for you and your horse.

Welcome to Horse & Rider Therapy

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Stiffness Growth Anxiety Sciatica Well-being Stress management

We specialise in a range of treatments designed to get the best out of your horse across the Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay regions.  All horses will benefit greatly from an Equine Muscle Release treatment and owners can expect improved performance across the board.

About Wes Russell

Wes Russell is a Equine Muscle Release Therapist and Bowtech Bowen Therapist specialising in horse and rider therapies. Passionate about human and equine health, Wes brings professional insights, years of experience and a down-to-earth practical approach to help his clients achieve their goals.

During this time an opportunity presented itself to learn Equine Muscle Release Therapy (Bowen on Horses). Wes was accepted into the course and spent the next two years studying both EMRT and Bowtech Bowen Therapy on Humans graduating in EMRT in 2010 and Bowen Therapy in 2011. Wes is currently completing his Diploma in Bowtech Bowen Therapy.

Wes’s enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to facilitating healing in horses, hounds and humans is evident when you watch him immersed in his work or discussing the transformations available from these therapies. He has developed an obvious passion and skill for perfecting balance and alignment in horses, hounds and humans.

What is the Bowen Technique?

The Bowen Technique is also known as Bowtech – the Original Bowen Technique and Bowenwork.  Bowen is a dynamic and subtle system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that facilitates the body in healing itself, with minimal intervention. Originally developed by Tom Bowen in Geelong, Australia, Bowen therapy is now utilised throughout the world and taught in many countries.

Bowen technique can be performed on humans or animals and gives beneficial results in many areas of the body. The technique provides a reorganisation of the muscular system of the body to bring about increased energy levels and pain relief.  Bowen can also affect the skeleton, internal organs as well as stimulating the lymphatic system, acupressure points and trigger points.  Bowen Therapy is at the core a holistic treatment modality that combines both a physical and energetic component to support health, vitality and wellbeing.

How Can Bowen Therapy Help Me?

  • Back pain and sciatica

  • Neck and shoulder problems

  • Leg, knee and foot problems

  • Pelvic and groin pain

  • RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Tennis elbow

  • Sports and injuries from accident

  • Migraine and headaches

  • Anxiety, stress and tension

Other issues that Bowen therapy can help with include digestive issues, hormonal issues and immune dysfunction.

Equine Muscle Release Therapy

EMRT is a specific Bowen therapy for horses and is an excellent therapy for keeping your horse in better balance and alignment.

The therapy is useful for a range of common equine conditions such as:

  • Disturbed gait or irregular action

  • Uneven wear of shoes

  • Muscle wasting or uneven development

  • Removal of toxins and lactic acid buildup (eg. tying up and filled legs)

  • Stiffness on one rein

  • Stiff or sore back

  • Poor immunity

  • Temperament issues

  • Poor performance

  • Degenerative & growth disorders

How Does EMRT Work?

The therapy works by realigning many interrelated systems within the horse. This includes direct effects on the musculoskeletal, circulatory and nervous systems as well as the emotional and mental state of the horse.

One of the most beneficial effects of EMRT for your horse can be the effects on the nervous system. EMRT promotes relaxation and release of tension and helps to resolve emotional trauma and flightiness.  All these benefits aim to improve your horse’s performance and wellbeing. With a well functioning nervous and circulatory system, your horse will also have the bonus of better general health and enhanced immunity.  Some have even reported improvements in digestion and better utilisation of feed after EMRT treatments. 

Book now for Bowen Therapy for Horses Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay. Call Wes today on 0409 762293

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