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Unblock your bodies energy and regain your wellbeing with a professional Shiatsu or Acupressure treatment.

Bill Horton - Acupressure & Shiatsu Services

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Arthritis Cancer management Crohn's disease Eczema Menopause Muscle pain

Shiatsu/Acupressure is a Japanese Remedial Massage technique. By using varying pressures and stretches to the energy lines(known as Website meridians) running through your body, am able to release tense, stagnant muscle/tendon strain(Jitsu) and build up week empty areas(Kyo).

Keeping the circulation, moving by malting sure blood and lymph vessels are able to effectively deliver the necessary nutrients and drain waste products through your entire system, Shiatsu maintains your body mind, strengthens your immune system and enables self healing to occur.

During this treatment I am constantly 'listening' to your body mind responses with the aim of identifying disharmony and imbalances that occur and then assisting you to regain your natural state of well being. I aim to treat not only your presenting symptoms (eg.migraine) but also looks for the underlying cause or causes (eg. enlarged toxic liver and chronically acidic bowel).

My approach to healing is very Wholistic' — I see 'dis-ease' and its symptoms as energy imbalances/blockages in your body mind.

Rather than suppressing or esing symptoms temporarily, I believes in focusing on the treatment of you as a whole person by taking into account your physical, mental and emotional state. I select from a number of treatment options to clear blockages to the flow of blood, lymph fluids, and energy (chi) or (ki) between your organs and their meridian pathways.

This then brings your body mind into a state of harmony and balance where you are completely pain free and experiencing a sense of well being and happiness.

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