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Take a further look into your health, with a professional Iridology & Scelerology session with Bill Horton.

Bill Horton - Iridology & Scelerology

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Arthritis Cancer management Crohn's disease Eczema Menopause Muscle pain

lridology and Scelerology are screening tools used to detect individual inherited dispositions and to identify each persons specific nurture points.

Iridologists like myself believe the colour and structure of your eyes is a unique representation of the health issues (physical, mental or emotional) of parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

By looking through a magnifying glass I will assess the colour and fibre structure variations in your iris (coloured part of your eye) and scelera (white part). This will be done in order to observe the constitutional strengths of your physical body, as well aspects of your personality including how you learn and who you are likely to be attracted to.

lridology and Scelerology can be used to determine potential health problems at the earliest stage. This process also identifies the emotional precursors that can activate a predisposition, enabling you an opportunity to prevent illness and maintain optimum weliness.

This is the main value of Iridology and Scelerology — a health screening tool that enables the implementation of preventative strategies.

With this in mind when viewing the iris and scelera as a road map or blueprint, you can discover how well you are put together, how much abuse your body can handle, where your body will tend to get sick, which organ systems are at greater risk, specific underlying reasons contributing to your symptoms and what emotional or behavioural factors are influencing these patterns.

What do your eyes reveal?
    (1) Genetic inheritance predominantly from the past 3 generation
    (2) Toxins, Acid Waste and Heavy Metals in different Organs and Glands
    (3) Sluggish/congested Lymphatic System
    (4) Potential nutritional imbalances and needs
    (5) Tissue strength and weakness
    (6) Specific predisposition s
    (7) Metabolic disturbances
    (8) Primary nurture points
    (9) Personality attributes
    (10) Condition of major veins and arteries of body eg constriction/hardening (11) Constitional Types eg. Silk

Iridology and Scelerology provide a non invasive and economical means of looking into your body and determining your constitution with its strengths and weaknesses, assisting you to take better choices regarding your future health prospects and to accept the responsible of taking care of yourself.

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