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Providing a range of professional Reiki Services to the people in the Cooroibah Area.

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Reiki is the name given to a simple yet profound system of natural healing for body and mind. Rei means ‘universal’, and ki (in Japanese) and chi( in Chinese) means ‘Life Force Energy.’ Many people also regard Reiki as a path to personal and spiritual growth.

Although most people cannot see chi, modern physics tells us that beyond the level of the smallest particles of matter, energy exists everywhere, in the air we breathe, in our food and water, and in light from the sun. Even inanimate objects possess a low or slow frequency of energy.

There are two main types of Life Force Energy: Internal and External. Internal Life Force Energy (LFE) is the subtle energy that exists within the body and mind of all living things. In the human body Internal LFE runs through subtle pathways or meridians. When these pathways are blocked or imbalanced, due to stress for example, illness can result.

External Life Force Energy exists within plants, flowers, minerals and crystals, and this energy is often harnessed for healing purposes as in homeopathic and herbal remedies. On one level Reiki can be seen as the purest form of External LFE and it can have a profound effect on our health and well-being by reba lancing, cleansing, and renewing our Internal Energy System.

When Reiki comes into contact with Internal LFE that is blocked, sluggish, or imbalanced, it naturally and effortlessly dissoves, transmutes, and raises the quality of that energy to the healthiest level that our body, mind, and environment will allow.

If clients have experienced past emotional traumas and have not dealt with difficult situations or painful feelings from this time, then Reiki may help them experience a period of gentle emotional release, followed by renewed clarity and the ability to put the past in context with their present and future. Reiki may also help them to release negative patterns of behavior and adopt more positive habits.

A Reiki treatment has many benefits, including:
  • Clearing headaches
  • Stomach aches and allieviating body pains
  • Increased energy
  • Inner peace and calmness
  • Increased ability to deal positively with stressful situations
  • Increased clarity of mind and deeper intuitive or inner wisdom
  • Clearer physical senses
  • A general feeling of being more whole, healthy, and happy

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