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"You don't have to be the best, just be your best self"

Hot For Yoga

About Us

Hot For Yoga is a welcoming space – a Bikram yoga studio south of Perth that is home to a ‘have a go’ culture where everyone feels like they belong and can be their best self and engage with this practice in their own time and at their own pace.

We dispel any preconceptions that you need to be fit, or young, or a yoga devotee, or have long legs, or abs of steel or perfect balance or wear the latest and greatest yoga fashions, to try and enjoy Bikram Yoga.

Endless health benefits of Bikram Yoga

Take a sequence of 26 therapeutic yoga postures, two breathing exercises, one large room heated to a balmy 40 degrees and you have Bikram's hot yoga. The benefits of Bikram yoga are endless...

Weight loss, toning and strengthening

What better way to strengthen, lengthen and contract your muscles than with 26 pre-defined poses within a heated room? This combination is the perfect setting for not only burning calories but also building muscle to create a strong and toned physique.

Enhanced flexibility

Possibly the greatest benefit of Bikram is the heat. Working out in a room set to 40 degrees warms the muscles, joints & ligaments ensuring a higher effectiveness with your stretching and flexibility.


With a combination of stillness throughout the prescribed 26 poses, the proper control of breath and the completion of postures with Savasana, Bikram Yoga promotes relaxing one body part, one muscle and one thought at a time.

Stress and anxiety reduction

Defined as persistent, excessive and unrealistic worry about the future, anxiety and it’s associated stress have an ever increasing presence in our day to day. With a focus on breathing and being present within the moment, increasingly medical practitioners are recommending Bikram as a complementary therapy in the management of these stress & mood disorders.

Improved focus, clarity and determination

It goes without saying that transitioning through 26 postures over a period of 90 minutes in a room as warm as toast is going to require focus. With regular practice the endurance required to work each and every body part through all 26 postures will increase your focus, clarity and determination both in and outside of the yoga room.

Increased self confidence

With the obvious physical benefits of toning, strengthening & weight loss aside, the combination of concentration, coordination, focus & achievement will give you the confidence to take on the world… right after you have finished your yoga class.

Improved metabolic function

Bikram Yoga has a range of healthy side effects namely increased flexibility, increased range of motion and increased all over body strength and with increased muscle presence comes increased metabolic function.


Have you ever felt that euphoric feel at the end of a long run or after a workout? Endorphins are responsible for this. In a much gentler environment than the two prior mentioned endorphin inducing exercises, the poses performed in Bikram will keep your heart rate up, your breathing strong and active and your brain stimulated from varying blood pressure and oxygen circulation as fresh blood travels throughout your body. Then as your muscles stretch & contract it leads to an endorphin release. Ahhh a gentle, natural & healthy euphoria. What more could you ask for?

Increased joint mobility and range of motion

With the combined benefits of stretching through the 26 poses as well as the heat, Bikram Yoga is a great way to increase your flexibility and range of motion. This is not only beneficial to you now but a flexible body is less prone to injury and joint problems as you get older. Now that is a worthwhile investment.

Increased energy levels

With regular attendance you will probably notice your energy levels increase. This is all thanks to the increased blood & oxygen flowing through your body, the increased strength in your muscles and the peaceful presence & focus that Bikram Yoga brings to your mind.

Improved sleep

Bikram Yoga is the perfect combination of exercise and meditation. The brain chemistry created by the interaction of endorphins, released during your yoga session, and your brain’s chemical receptors contributes to a sense of well-being and calm which are very important elements to ensure a good night’s sleep.


Not only is the 40 degrees good for added flexibility but it sure helps you to get an extra large sweat up. Practitioners of Bikram Yoga believe that regular practising of Bikram can eliminate the impurities by way of the increased blood and oxygen flow as well as the increased level of sweating through the heat and humidity of the yoga room.

Healing injuries

The 26 postures of Bikram Yoga all work together in a sequence to put the body back on track. They build strength, flexibility and balance through stretching and mobility. Regular practice of Bikram opens and lubricates joints, strengthens bones & increases flexibility in your muscles all in a calm, gentle and warm setting.

Improved balance

Build you focus to improve your balance.

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