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Mental Health Therapist for Personal and Professional Growth

How's Your Head Space?

Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach for clients to release blockages & negative past events from impacting their current or future success.

Specialising in PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Domestic Violence, Abusive Relationships, Goal Setting, Pain Release,  Eating and other Mental Disorders 

“I’ve been hugely successful, I’ve been Broke & I’ve been successful again, I’ve experienced 38 different industry careers from scrubbing dishes in a restaurant to assisting multi-million dollar investors. I’ve served our country & I’ve served the public in the Emergency Services. I’ve married  & I’ve raised children. I’ve loved & I’ve hated & I’ve loved again. I’ve suffered severe depression & I’ve been the most positive person in the room. I’ve experienced death and I’ve experienced life."

Now I am trully Grateful for all I've gone through as it helps me assist my clients through life experience as well as extensive study.

I share all this with YOU because no matter what you have done in your life, I can pretty much relate to YOU. Therefore I can also assist YOU. 

I’ve studied extensively so am now assisting many people's Mental Health utilising techniques such as:

1. Symbolism Hypnotherapy

2. Timeline Regression Hypnotherapy

3. Past Life Regression 

4. Astral Travel incorporating Quantum Physics / Mechanics

5. Life and Business Coaching along with NLP techniques

I am very passionate about wanting to help YOU overcome your problems no matter how big or small.

Either call me or email me because it’s FREE to simply see HOW I can help YOU!

Below is a list of experiences I have personally been involved in and overcome mainly through hypnotherapy. That, and also a simple outlook on life to never give up.

My personal mental health challenges I have overcome thus far – PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Self-Sabotage, Domestic Violence, Smoking, Over Eating, lack of Self-Worth, lack of Self-Love, Loss of loved ones who have passed, Loss of family who are still alive, Goal Setting & Success.


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How's Your Head Space