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The academy will underline the importance of martial arts and healthy exercise and aims to spread the Hunyuan Taiji Qigong System in Australia.

Hunyuan Acupuncture & Massage - Taiji & Qigong

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Australia Hunyuan Taiji Qigong Academy

Established in MARCH 2008, Australia Hunyuan Taiji Qigong Academy is authorized by Beijing Hunyuan Taiji Center, It regards grandmaster Feng’s guiding rule as the fundamental principle of the Academy, That is, while designed for health and self-defense, it focuses on health; while alternating movements with stillness, it emphasize stillness; and while simultaneously training the internal and the external, it gives priority to the internal.

Master Deng

Mr.Deng is a 20th generation successor of Chen style Taijiquan, 3rd generation successor of Hunyuan Taiji Qigong system, and founder of Australia Hunyuan Taiji Qigong Academy. He learned traditional Chen Style Taijiquan from Master Liu qiutan, a 19th generation successor of Chen Style Taijiquan. In 2002, Mr. Deng committed to Hunyuan training conducted by Master Liu Wenqi. Later he became a 3rd generation successor. In 2006, Mr. Deng trained systematically in Beijing Zhiqiang Martial Arts Studio, instructed with great care by Grandmaster Feng and Master Chenxiang.

Benefits from Hunyuan Taiji Qigong

  • Taiji  improves leg strength and force control. Although gym exercise or weight lifting can increase strength, only Taiji practice yields a simultaneous increase in the ability of adults to control force output.

  • Two months of moderate Hunyuan Taiji training can help older adults perform as though 10years younger in balance and lower body strength measurements.

  • Vestibular function had improved significantly after six months of Hunyuan practice. Vestibular function is one of the three main mechanisms of balance.

  • Hunyuan practicers have significantly improved immune response to flu vaccination.

  • All Taiji participants in a six month randomized controlled study reported a significantly enhanced, integrated mind-body connection, and significant positive psychological effects.

Those with a deeper understandingand continuously practice can experience the following bebefits as well:

  • Integration of body, mind and breath;

  • Strong flow of Qi (internal energy);

  • Even and deeper body breathing;

  • Becoming humble, modest and able to self-defense;

  • Inner peace, positive attitude and healthy life style.

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