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Feldenkrais Awareness

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Feldenkrais practitioner with an established practice since 1991. I work with a myriad of clients. From those referred by medical specialists to those seeking a path to transformation, performance enhancement and relief of limitation or pain. Emphasis on clarifying embodiment patterns and learning. Trauma-informed practitioner.

Feldenkrais Awareness

Servicing area

Clifton Hill, Victoria

Focus areas

Seniors Anxiety Values Love Embodiment Habits

I have a long-standing, vital Feldenkrais practice working with individuals, groups and communities. I love the intelligence behind Feldenkrais work and how it continues to be so relevant to contemporary life, particularly as it is essentially the embodiment of neuroplasticity. I consider it an exquisite tool for lifelong learning, enabling people to adapt, change and become more centered, authentic and vibrant through their life. 

The direction of my practice recently has been to explore further the impact of trauma in our bodies and how it can stay embedded and reinforces some of the holding patterns that are developed through habit. The implication being that being trauma-informed and neuroception-informed can add more insight and practices that lead to release and ongoing deeper developement of new patterns.

Philosophy and Values
I believe in empathy, being present-centred, establishing a transparent relationship and supporting clients through their learning process. I have a gift in seeing the potential possibilities in people. I retain my conviction for a person's ability to generate choice and change for themselves no matter how complex and difficult their situation is.

Recent advancements in brain mapping have shown the brain is malleable or plastic, called neuroplasticity, and can change itself and adapt, whatever the condition, age or stage in life. Often a person becomes convinced that change is not possible, particularly when there is a very strong diagnostic label and the condition may be long-standing or attributed to ageing. Neuroplasticity and Feldenkrais concepts have shown that change is ALWAYS possible. Neurons can reprogram themselves and new brain paths and maps are created daily. The implications of this can lead people to unforeseen and sometimes rapid improvement, hope and greater autonomy.

My practice's core beliefs are to meet someone where they are, make contemporary concepts clear and offer the work in a quiet systematic manner that leads people to engage with the essential elements of the Feldenkrais Methodology and practice. 
Skills include my ability to empathise, very close observation and analysis of complex body, mind and emotional patterns i.e. pattern detection. With 40 years of experience and a physiotherapy background, my hands are fine tuned to the intricacies of the human body. 
I have an equal love for science and art contributing to human potential.
I like to keep abreast of research and experts in the scientific, particularly neuroscience, arts and movement sectors to refresh my practice and adapt to new discoveries. 


What's my process
At the initial session, I will be listening to your story, observing your body organisation and asking myself "What in your body is enhancing or limiting you?". Together we can explore and decide on what's next . The first session will also include a hands-on experience and direction of practice to follow at home. Your curiosity and personal engagement is what really assist you to create and sustain the changes you wish to make. Continuing work may include a learning plan of regular individual sessions (Functional Integration) and Awareness Through Movement classes. In case of complex or long standing conditions, it is recommended to have at least 4-6 individual sessions reasonably close together. You will be encouraged and given resources to follow up at home in your daily life. At this time, I always like to check that in the case of recovery from trauma or injury, you have been and feel adequately informed, cared for or are receiving appropriate support .

My practice covers a wide range of ages (from children to seniors) and a broad range of conditions and personal circumstances. From back pain reduction, joint stiffness, mobility and flexibility improvement to performance enhancement in professional or "intending" athletes, dancers, musicians and actors.
Benefits can mean you walk better, sit better, reach better, sleep better. It can include a range of improvements such as regained curiosity, increased vitality, quickness of thinking, enhancement and shifts in one's self image, changes in breathing, posture, range of motion and reduction of pain. 
On a deeper level, you may feel a profound expanded consciousness and release from outdated habits. A new you!
It can complement your spiritual, movement and mindfulness practices such as meditation, Pilates, Yoga... Feldenkrais can also help if you are a performer and /or have an artistic practice such as dance, movement, writing and are feeling restricted, stuck or overwhelmed or you simply want to expand your consciousness or your heart practices.
If you are seeking to understand the impacts of early trauma (accidents, injuries, poor attachment) for example anxiety and body disconnect and how they are interfering with your normal development and emotional freedom, my work can be of enormous value to you.


4 Services

Functional Integration - Initial consultation

1hr 30min
Feldenkrais Method
$150 Per session

Assessment and clarification of the body - mind organisation. Hands on recognition of holding patterns. Gentle touch and movement for ease and freedom in function.

Functional Integration - Ongoing

Feldenkrais Method
$125 Per session

Assessment and clarification of the body - mind organisation. Hands on recognition of holding patterns. Gentle touch and movement for ease and freedom in function.


  • Certified Fedenkrais Practitioner
  • Registered Physiotherapist
  • Nlp Qualified

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