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Bill Hyatt Resource Therapy

Obtaining a truly healthy mind is about more than just living without crippling fears, depression, or addictions. It involves understanding yourself to the extent that you are capable of advancing in new directions every day.

Bill Hyatt - Counselling


Counselling for Depression

Resource Therapy treats "depression" by communicating with the ‘part’ of the personality which has been pathologically damaged or "vaded" by an overwhelming experience of disappointment because of the gulf between what was expected or desired in life and the perceived reality. It is not the size of what has happened that vades this "state" yet the translation of what has happened that plinges this "state" into psychological depression. The Resource Therapist uses the permission and cooperation of the pathological ‘state’ so that the person is able to escape from the overwhelming depression that they are subject to. In the event that you have a friend or family member who is incapacitated with sadness and that they struggle to get out of bed or seem to believe that they can get no enjoyment out of activities that they once used to, Resource Therapy will help to return such a person to the ‘state’ which once enjoyed activities.


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