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LIVE THE LIFE YOU WERE BORN TO LIVE with the help of Hygea Counselling Services in Geelong

Hygea Counselling - You Can Live The Life You Were Born To Live

Non Attachment Therapy

This amazing therapy allows the therapist to disconnect the trigger- response mechanism that occurs when your thoughts trigger negative feelings and emotions. I use this technique to teach my clients how not to attach to their thoughts. The result is that you are IMMEDIATELY freed from their symptoms.

How Does It Work?

The therapist helps the client to learn that their symptoms were not caused by something outside of their control but by a thought process learned by the brain. C . B . T. And mindfulness training can produce similar results over time but they take far longer and require many sessions of therapy.

N.A.T. PRODUCES RESULTS IMMEDIATELY WHICH ARE PERMANENT. These are verified by the client during and after the session.

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