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Servicing area: North Rocks, New South Wales

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Kerry White HypnoHealth

About Kerry

Kerry is a qualified, registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. Since 2001 Kerry has been seeing clients for many conditions, see below. In 2001 Kerry trained with Marie Mongan, founder of HypnoBirthing(R) and has since enjoyed teaching couples the philosophy and techniques of HypnoBirthing(R). In 2007 Kerry trained in Hypnosis for Fertility with the founder, Lynsi Eastburn and has commenced seeing couples for fertility issues.

I Specialise In:

  • Hypnosis for Fertility
  • HypnoBirthing
  • Hypnotherapy for Healing

Hypnotherapy benefits:

  • Stress management
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Insomnia
  • Stop smoking
  • Weight management
  • Health conditions
  • Phobias, fears
  • Enhancing learning, sports performance, public speaking, motivation


Reduces the high levels of stress and emotional strain, which can seriously impact on the ability to conceive.

  • Addresses emotions – frustration, anxiety, depression, impatience, anger, sadness.
  • Assists with ‘Unexplained Infertility’.
  • Assists with Physiological issues through stress reduction and direct application of hypnotic techniques.
  • Complementary to medical procedures, increases the success.
  • Adjunct to natural conception or medically assisted conception.
  • Assists the couple to attain personal empowerment, leading to inner peace, the ability to accept, appreciate and embrace life and maximizes the chances of conceiving.
  • Increases energy – rejuvenated by hypnosis session and daily relaxation
  • Improves attitude- more positive.
  • Strengthens and increases confidence and positive expectations. The couple may share an initial session and at subsequent sessions, it may be preferable for a one-on-one session.
  • Hypnosis is not a magic wand. Therefore a number of sessions are required to create the change that is needed.
  • 4-6 sessions (minimal) are recommended.
  • Frequency of sessions:

    Natural conception – with no time constraints, at your convenience
    Medically assisted conception – can be dependant on medical procedures
  • Depending on individual issues, more sessions may be requested


A natural approach to a safe, easier, more comfortable birthing. The 5 x 2 hour sessions offer:
  • A method that eliminates the fear-tension-pain syndrome
  • Instructions in methods of deep relaxation and self-hypnosis
  • Specific breathing techniques to assist each stage of labour
  • Teaches you the importance of your thoughts and beliefs and how they affect your birthing
  • Techniques to reduce the need for drugs or other intervention during birth
  • Instructions for the birth companion in how to fulfill an important supportive role
  • Teaches you the importance of prenatal and perinatal bonding
  • Understanding how the birthing muscles work, and much more
The programme includes a textbook, CDs and a folder of handouts. Some health funds may offer rebates.

Kerry is happy to commence the HypnoBirthing(R) training with couples as early as 14 weeks, with Sessions 1 & 2. Session 5 is best experienced around 36 weeks and Sessions 3 & 4 can be fitted in between. The advantage of starting early is the couple have plenty of time to experience the relaxation, practice of the HypnoBirthing techniques and read the textbook.

Kerry is flexible with classes, eg if a couple are close to their due date, they can complete the course over 2 days.


"It was a very easy birth for Duncan. I don't recall any pain at all!" Fiona & Dean

"The midwives were calling me 'the wonder woman!'" Tammy & Ben

"As a midwife and a mother of four, I believe it's essential to prepare the mother emotionally and psychologically for the birthing experience. HypnoBirthing(R) is the best start in life you could possibly give your baby!" Kerry White

Qualification details

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Counsellor
  • HypnoBirthing(R) Childbirth Educator
  • HypnoBirthing(R) Fertility Therapist
  • Registered Nurse/Midwife
  • Yoga/Meditation Instructor

Kerry is a registered member of the ASCH (Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists), full member of the ACA (Australian Counselling Association), HypnoBirthing(R) Institute, member of AYTA (Australian Yoga Teachers Association)

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