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Change Your Mind Change Your Life

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Mundaring, Western Australia

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Welcome to Change Your Mind Change Your Life

About Jan Duncan

About Jan

Jan Duncan has been practicing natural therapies since 1981 when she first discovered Reiki .

This started a voyage of discovery encompassing all kinds of disciplines , but what always fascinated Jan most was the human mind , and energy therapies .

During a difficult time Jan discovered hypnosis . After training with Dr Rick Collingwood in 2004 , Jan found her passion and became a gifted hypnotherapist .

Jan has undertaken specialist training in Addictions including Cigarettes , Depression and Anxiety , Diabetes management , Cancer and Degenerative disease management , Stress management , and Weight control including Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy .

Jan has released a successful series of hypnosis cds , the WomanSpirit Series , designed to help women reach their potential .

Jan has been involved with several hypnotherapy associations , and served as training officer for the CCH , joint secretary of the AHA and served as Chairperson for PHWA .

Jan is currently a clinical hypnotherapist registered with AHA and has had a practice in Mundaring since 2004 .


Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is also known as Gastric Band Hypnosis, Hypnotic Gastric Band , Gastric hypnotherapy Band , HypnoBand and Hypno Gastric Band .

Sheila Grangers Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program is the only one however to have conducted clinical trials to prove the efficacy of her method . The trials achieved an amazing 95 % success rate .

The trials were so successful that Sheila was advised to post the results on the National Bariatric Register . The National Health Service is now considering running its own trials with a view to using Sheilas program as an adjunct to or instead of actual gastric band surgery , particularly for high risk patients .

The Virtual Gastric Band program is not a diet ! You can eat anything you like , but you will find that very small portions will satisfy you . Because the Virtual Gastric Band program does not restrict any food groups you will never feel deprived , hungry , or fixated on forbidden foods . It has been proven that diets only work in the short term and that when you stop the diet usually the weight is regained , often with a little bit more .

With the Virtual Gastric Band in place you have a safe , painless and inexpensive long term solution to weight control .

The medical procedure is costly , involves long waiting lists , and for the very obese , losing weight before the procedure . Using the Virtual Gastric Band is quick , easy and unless you choose to tell people about it , completely private .

The Virtual Gastric Band program is run over four sessions , once a week . Most people lose between 1-2 kgs in the first week and then .5 1kg per week thereafter , until the body reaches a healthy weight that is effortless to maintain because you will only eat what you need , not what you think you want .And because there are no restrictions on what you are allowed to have , you can enjoy everything that you do eat .

Weight Loss Made Easy

Sheila Grangers amazing Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program is backed by clinical trials that showed an amazing 95% success rate .

Imagine having the results usually achieved by having a surgical gastric band fitted , but not having to go through expensive surgery .

Gastric Band surgery is usually only carried out on people who are classified as clinically obese and who have a body mass index over 30 . The surgery works by reducing the size of the stomach thereby reducing the amount of food you can eat with the result that you lose weight . This is a costly exercise and of course , you have to have surgery .

With a Virtual Gastric Band you can have the benefits of a surgical gastric band but without the surgery and the cost .

Using hypnosis the Virtual Gastric Band is fitted with the result that you feel as if you have had the surgery . You automatically eat smaller portions and lose weight easily and comfortably .

The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program is a safe long term solution to effortless weight control . You can have all the benefits of a surgical gastric band with no risk and much less cost .

This procedure is known by several names , HypnoBand , Gastric Band Hypnosis , Gastric Band Hypnotherapy , Hypnosis Gastric Band and Hypnotherapy Band to name a few .

The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program is the only one to have conducted trials under the eye of the medical profession , thereby gaining credibility as a very successful technique for weight control .

If you have been dieting for years , losing and gaining the same kilos or more , if you are fed up with restrictive diets and living on diet shakes , if you are just fed up with the whole calorie counting thing , Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is perfect for you .

There is no calorie counting , liquidizing food , avoiding food groups , and best of all , no down time to recover from surgery and no risk to your health .

You do not have to worry about will power , confidence or dietary know-how . The Virtual Gastric Band will give you a slimmer figure without deprivation and without having to think about it all the time . You will naturally eat less and be comfortable with smaller portions .

A Virtual Gastric Band is 100% SAFE .

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy has been subject to intense media coverage in the UK , with many people appearing on television talking about how Gastric Band Hypnosis has changed their lives , proudly showing before and after pictures of themselves , and displaying the over-sized clothes they used to wear .

This is happening in Australia too , there have been several reports on current affairs programs interviewing both practitioners and their happy clients about their successful Gastric Band Hypnotherapy .

When choosing a hypnotherapist it is always a good idea to make sure that they belong to a reputable association like the AHA , because now that hypnosis has been deregulated in Australia , almost anyone can say they are a hypnotist whether they have done a course or only read a book .
The AHA has strict criteria and high standards for membership so you can be assured that any practitioner that belongs to the AHA will be a professional that has been thoroughly trained and assessed .

Gastric band surgery will not change your eating habits , remove comfort eating and emotional eating patterns , nor will it change the way you see food or respond to food . Gastric band surgery is risky and has cost lives .

Gastric band surgery has generated enormous public interest with celebrities like Fern Britton admitting that they have had the surgery to control their weight , but is Gastric band surgery 100% safe . The answer is a resounding NO with the loss of the lives of Bernadette Reid , Suzanne Murphy , 29 , and Marilyn Wardrop 54 to name just a few .

Gastric band surgery can also cause post surgical complications . The post operative problems suffered by people have been reported as;

  • nausea and vomiting
  • reflux or regurgitation of food
  • slipped band , obstruction or blockage
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • difficulty swallowing

If you have these or any other complications you may have to repeat surgery to have the band adjusted or even removed , further exposing you to all the associated risks .

Jan provides Effective Hypnosis for:

  • Weight Control
  • Depression
  • Personal Life Motivation
  • Improve Your Memory
  • Pain Control
  • Child Birth
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Quit Smoking
  • Better Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Mind Body Healing
  • Sports Management
  • Control Gambling
  • Diabetes

The Woman Spirit Hypnosis Series was born out of desire to help women of
all ages find and develop their own strengths, to create the life of their dreams.

WomanChild addresses the wounded inner child.
It helps to release old negative beliefs and lack of self worth that were caused by neglect, rejection or abuse during childhood, replacing them with increased self worth and self belief. Put the past behind you to enjoy a happier and more fulfilled life.
Ref: WomanChild
Dream Weaver: Sleep and Dream.
This CD is designed to assist you to break poor sleeping patterns and achieve deep restful sleep.
Ref: Dream Weaver

Well Woman: Optimum health and well being and ideal weight.
This CD is designed to help you improve your health, increase your well-being, and maintain your ideal weight.
Ref: Well Woman
Wonder Woman: Access your highest potential
- Reach for the stars.
This CD is designed to assist you to reach your highest potential Reach for the Stars!
Ref: Wonder Woman
Wizard Woman: Develop your psychic potential.
This CD is designed to assist in enhancing your natural gifts, in a safe and ethical way.
Ref: Wizard Woman
Wealthy Woman: Enjoy every kind of abundance.This CD is designed to assist you to enjoy abundance in every aspect of your life.
Ref: Wealthy Woman
Wise Woman: Access the wisdom and strength of the menopausal years.
This CD is designed to assist you to let go of old baggage and mental clutter, and to give confidence in your natural inner wisdom and courage to embrace your strengths.
Ref: Wise Woman
Warrior Woman: Confidence for Todays Career Woman.
This CD is designed to assist the Career Woman of today to maximise her strengths and capabilities, and to strengthen any areas that may be less than optimal, and to then enjoy a successful career and a fulfilling private life.
Ref: Warrior Woman


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