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Clinical Hypnotherapy Vanessa Benson

Vanessa Benson

5a Anderson St
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Clinical Hypnotherapy Vanessa Benson
  • Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist
  • International member of the National Guild of Hypnotists
  • Vanessa Benson Clincial Hypnotherapy

    Welcome to Vanessa Benson Clincial Hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy is a therapy in treating change of behaviour, by changing the thought process it enables one to reach a desired out come.

    Hypnosis is a therapy that assists the mind to change.

    "Will changing a thought process or habit, enable you to have, what you don't already have in your life right now"?... Yes!...

    Did you know?...You actually go into hypnosis naturally, a few times a day.

    Can you recall while driving a car, going from one destination to another and not remembering parts of the drive, or what route you actually took to arrive safely?. "Yes", well there is no need to be alarmed, if there was a situation for you to act quickly, all your sensors would react? This is what we call 'highway hypnosis'.

    Or how about when someone calls your name and you 'jolt' with a thought of 'Oh, yes that's me'. This is called the 'daydream' state.

    Every night when you fall to sleep, the first sleep state you naturally drift into is 'Alpha'. These are all examples of the 'Hypnotic State'.

    Hypnotherapy enables you to free your mind for change, allowing you to reach your goals for a higher quality of life. Hypnotherapy encourages the enjoyment of the journey of change, to achieve greater results of success.

    If you are interested or are completely ready for change, I already believe and know we will enjoy working together.

    If you are unsure, this therapy is right for you, please contact me and we can discuss it in detail.

    A list of what hypnotherapy can assist in.

    Smoking Cessation

    Addiction is very clever; it works at an unconscious level.

    So how can you stay stopped?

    There is a profound difference between a smoker that has stopped smoking and a non-smoker. The smoker courageously resists having a cigarette, while the non-smoker couldn't think of anything worse than smoking.

    You've probably heard those people who quit smoking 10 years ago and still say "Every time I have a beer I still want a cigarette" - if you are trying to stop smoking that is a terrifying thing to hear!

    But it simply means is that they only quit smoking at a conscious level - that is they decided to stop, and stopped. Unconsciously, smoking is still an attractive prospect for them.

    If you're going to quit smoking, do the job right

    There are a million and one ways to stop smoking... from nicotine patches and chewing gum to tablets, lozenges, inhalers and Zyban the stop smoking drug. In addition, there are plenty of people out there willing to tell you how to stop smoking - quit tips are everywhere.

    But they all miss one vital component - the unconscious mind.

    If you are going to make the effort to free yourself from the terrible effects of smoking, why not do it right? Use a proper smoking cessation program that will leave you free of the desire to smoke.

    Stop Nail Biting

    "Will You Stop Biting Your Nails!"

    Every kid has heard that at some time or another.

    But it's just downright annoying when the habit goes on and on, regardless of the number of times you 'decide' to stop!

    Without even noticing you're doing it, you absent mindedly chew those nails back into that ugly, painful condition again.

    And that's the whole problem - the nail biting is 'unconscious' - you do it without even noticing. So when you make a 'conscious' decision to stop nail biting, nothing happens - the cure has to happen in a different way...

    The decision to stop nail biting has to take place at an unconscious level !

    Excess Sweating

    Excessive sweating - a vicious circle

    Excessive sweating (also known as hyperhidrosis) is an embarrassing problem, and can make life difficult. If you sweat excessively you will probably have worried about shaking hands with people, whether the place you are visiting is cool and ventilated, or choosing clothes that won't show sweat if it soaks through. Most sweating problems occur in the hands and armpits, but facial sweating can be the worst as it is so visible. Many people who sweat excessively end up avoiding all kinds of situations that they would otherwise, resulting in missed opportunities and reduced enjoyment of life in general.

    We all naturally perspire as our bodies automatically regulate body temperature but sweating is also a symptom of anxiety. So of course the more anxious you become about sweating, the more likely you are to sweat!
    This vicious circle can feel impossible to escape, but this is where hypnosis excels. Not only can hypnosis rapidly reduce anxiety, but it has been used for centuries to control bodily functions. You only have to see an operation performed under hypnosis to understand how effective it is for this purpose.

    Weight Management

    Think Thin - adopt the thought strategies of slim people

    Have you ever noticed how some people can effortlessly and naturally have a tiny piece of cake, or one chocolate and then save the rest?

    How do they do that? Is it willpower or do they just think thin?

    You may feel that you could never learn to do this, but you can - and in a way that feels entirely natural and instinctive.
    You may sometimes feel overwhelmed with the desire to eat food you know is bad for you but the anticipation the food is irresistible. You know you'll feel guilty and bloated later but right now the food is all that matters.

    Naturally slim people don't think like that. They are more likely to look at a cake and imagine how they'll feel after eating it rather than during. Thin thinking means you enjoy your food more because you make the decisions - not the addictive drive to eat.

    Thinking thin will make you feel better about yourself, help weight loss and improve your physical and emotional health. Hypnosis will allow you to naturally make the right choices.

  • Phobias
  • Self Confidence
  • Feel More Attractive
  • Overeating
  • Stress Management
  • Addictions
  • Job Loss
  • Stress Management
  • Motivation Management
  • Sports Motivation
  • Nervousness
  • Depression
  • Tension Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Children Therapy
  • Study Stress
  • Memory Booster


    Hi Vanessa,

    Im writing to thank you for assisting me on giving up cigarettes. I really didnt believe I could do it. It has changed my life considerably. Im now competing in triathlons and getting great results. I feel amazing for it. I thank you for believing in me and working with me to help me achieve this. I recommend this therapy to others. I will call upon you again if I ever need assistance in my life for whatever reason.

    All the best


    Dear Vanessa,

    I would like to let you and others know how much you have helped me with my eating disorder. Im now eating all the right food and all the right amounts. It feels truly wonderful to finally feel confident about who I am. I really don't have an eating disorder any more.
    I have really enjoyed every session, as I always left your office feeling more and more confident that Im able to change and be truly how I am. I really did do that. I want to thank you for all your knowledge and skill.


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  • Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist
  • International member of the National Guild of Hypnotists
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