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Michael Tcherne

3 Talbot cl
Mandurah WA 6210

Servicing area: Mandurah & Peel Region

Improve your life, your relationships and let go of unwanted thoughts feelings and behaviours.
With 30 yrs exp. Trainer Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life /relationship coach, counsellor.



Michael Tcherne - A-Peel Therapies


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Hi I am Michael Tcherne, welcome to A-Peel Therapies. I use a combination of therapies, healing and awareness modalities to help people bring about rapid change. To improve their life, their relationships and let go of unwanted thoughts, emotions and behavours.


OPTION 1 Deep personal change. Total 6 hours


This is a very gentle and thorough means of resolving deep or stress related problems. This option focuses on the underlying cause of problems.

We also resolve any unfinished business from past relationships, traumatic events and childhood and then rebuild confidence, selfworth, personal security and assertiveness. The first session takes 4 hours and cost

$500. There is a follow up 2 hour session, a week later which cost $200 and may include breaking down a habit or addiction.


OPTION 2 Break- through session 2-3 hours and 1-2 hour session. Total cost $500

These very self-empowering sessions focus on increasing performance/ success and letting go of unwanted behaviours, thoughts or emotions e.g. drinking, over-eating, self-sabotage, any negative emotional patterns.


Relationship Coaching / Counselling.  1- or 2-hour sessions. Recommended X 3 to 10 appointments. Cost $150 per hour.

A loving relationship is not a negotiation but is built on a mutual heartfelt understanding, respect, trust, passion and love.

  • Trouble in paradise and you would like to come as a couple for mediation and find a way through, to heal the relationship and bring back trust and intimacy.
  • You want to enhance the loving relationship you now have and take it to a new level.
  • You come on your own to heal or improve the relationship. Often it takes only one to change the whole dynamic in the relationship.
  • You are single and see patterns with past relationships and want to get it right next time.


Life coaching /counselling. 1- or 2- hour sessions. Recommended x 1- to-10 appointments.  Cost $150

Counselling is great for clarity, understanding, and self-awareness and exploring options.

Life coaching is great for creating a clear vision and a compelling future, strategies and processes to achieve your desires in an ecological manner, that is good for you and good for others. We may for example work on health, fitness, career, increasing performance or wealth, creativity, spirituality, relationships or all of the above and more.



Qualification details

  • Clinical Member of AHA Australian Hypnotherapist Association
  • Diploma of Hypnotherapy
  • Trainer/Practitioner of NLP
  • Diploma of Counselling and Therapies
  • Associate Diploma of Health Science
  • Relationship/Life Coaching

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A-Peel Therapies

Improve your life, your relationships and let go of unwanted thoughts feelings and behaviours.With 30 yrs exp. Trainer Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life /relationship coach, counsellor.     function pageRedirect() { window.location.replace("https://www.naturaltherapypages.com.au/connect/hypnotherapymandurah/service/45167"); } setTimeout("pageRedirect()", 0);

A-Peel Therapies - Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching & Counselling

 Michael Tcherne, a fully qualified, experienced therapist who has over 30 years of experience helping clients take control of their lives. He uses a combination of different therapies to bring about rapid positive change and is committed to providing a quality service where you have real life results.     

A-Peel Therapies - Depression, stress related

  For; Depression, anxiety, phobias, stress, tension problems    

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