I AM Essence Reiki

Tereza Delphina

Peregian Beach QLD 4573

Servicing area: Sunshine Coast, QLD; Melbourne, VIC; Online

Tereza is a gifted Psychic Reader who reads through the element of Water to help you heal, gain clarity and ignite genuine transformations. Online Water Divination Sessions are also available. 

I AM Essence Reiki - Water Divination

Psychic Readings through Water Divination

At one point in our lives or another, we all desire a deeper understanding of ourselves and our lives. Sometimes we require a bit more clarity or perhaps some inspiration so that we feel healthier and more alive.

Water Divination is my favourite way to read energy.

The purpose of these readings is to get to the core of any issue/situation that may be out of alignment or holding you back in your life. By identifying any blockages and gaining an understanding of the deeper truths they may hold, not only do you begin to better understand yourself and the issue/situation, but you can find solutions you need within them.

These readings can help you gain clarity, heal and inspire genuine transformations.


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