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I AM Essence Reiki

Tereza Delphina

Peregian Beach QLD 4573

Servicing area: Sunshine Coast, QLD; Melbourne, VIC; Online

I AM Essence Reiki

The aim of Essence Reiki is to shift all that does not serve you, thereby restoring internal and external harmony so that you live your life from a point of authenticitic radiance.

I AM Essence Reiki - Energy Healing

Energy Healing

These healing sessions began in the form of Traditional Reiki (channelling Universal Life Force through the laying of hands). These healing sessions are currently based upon the principles of The I of RA School of Consciousness & Embodiment and take form a form that is unique to you.

Essence: You, all the way back to the source.

Essence Reiki: A soft and gentle form of multi-dimensional, hands-on healing that is held and directed through my Essence.

This is a safe, non-invasive and gentle healing modality that is amazing for removing physical conditions, helping clients to gain mental clarity which will reduce stress, relief to emotional issues and restoring balance to your wellbeing and health.

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