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Chris Dale

142 Drummond St
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Servicing area: Oakleigh and Mt Waverley VIC

An online sanctuary for those seeking an experience of the essence of Yoga and Meditation for enhanced health, resilience and peace of mind.


Yoga Online Classes

Welcome to I Am Yoga!

Yoga is about integrating body, mind and breath and bringing the mind to stillness. It does not require a highly flexible, slim body and is not about strain or hyper exertion. Yoga is for every body. If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

What Can Online Yoga Classes Do for Me?

  • Release tension and anxiety
  • Enhance health and immunity
  • Boost energy levels
  • Combat depression
  • Enhance resilience and connection 

In these challenging times, many of us find our lives a struggle, and live with fear, anxiety or depression, or a pervasive sense of unease. Social isolation, financial stress and anxiety about the pandemic, can take a tremendous toll on our system. Sometimes these concerns can lead us to make lifestyle choices which may impact on our health, such as overeating, lack of exercise, and constant bombardment with TV and social media pursuits.

The ancient techniques and wisdom of Yoga are very effective tools to release tension and anxiety, improve your health and immunity and to enhance your enjoyment of life. Authentic yoga enhances awareness and helps us to let go of fear and resistance and embrace any challenges, not only those related to coronavirus, with positivity, enthusiasm and energy.

Yoga, meditation and yogic breathwork are widely recognised as effective and time tested ways of de-stressing and rejuvenating. The Harvard Medical School, in a recent health guideline, stated that yoga, meditation and controlled breathing are "some tried and true ways to relax" in an article "Coping with Coranavirus Anxiety".

Some students of I Am Yoga share their experiences:

"Attending these yoga classes has completely transformed my sense of wellbeing and knowledge of what yoga is really about. Chris has an authentic approach to teaching yoga, linking the body, breath and the mind to give you a complete and soul nourishing experience. Chris has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, which he shares each week to help alleviate stress and worry and bring you to the present moment. I am more flexible in my body, my mind and my approach to life. "
- Katherine Zachest, Drama teacher

"I have been practising at I Am Yoga for eight years. Chris is an excellent teacher with many years of experience and knowledge of the benefits of yoga. His classes are food for the soul, restorative, uplifting and relaxing."
- Marcelle Christianz, Administrative Officer

"My first class with Chris Dale was in July 2014. ‘Health, Peace of Mind & Flexibility' aptly describes his classes. I have been a student of yoga over the years, and found a more indepth combination of asanas and meditation in Chris’ classes.I believe he has created an excellent programme for yoga students at varying levels and people interested in seeing what yoga is all about. Chris is extremely encouraging, patient and a brilliant role model."
- Dolores Grace Makris (Oakleigh)

Why Should I Sign Up for Online Classes When I Can Do Free Classes on YouTube?

While you can definitely get something out of using free online Yoga videos, it is a different experience in a live class with a teacher - even online. Just as in learning to play a musical instrument: you can learn to play online, but you will progress more rapidly with a teacher, who can help you stay motivated, guide you through the inevitable rough patches and give you important technical insights.

There is also something different about a live yoga session with a teacher as opposed to a video. It is similar to the difference between a live concert and a recording. There is a certain energy that is transmitted in a live concert which is simply not there in a recording. In the case of learning a skill, the experience of many has been that "something happens" in a live class situation, which gives a deeper experience and facilitates accelerated learning. Yoga is not just a skill though - it is a state of being, that needs to be gently nourished by a teacher, who themselves have been trained by a master. DIY Yoga can help, but has severe limitations.

We are all unique, and so poses and other practices need to be customised to suit individual needs. The classes are based on the understanding that postures should be performed so that there is a balance between effort and rest, tension and relaxation, strength and flexibility. To achieve this balance for each person requires individual adaptation of the poses and here an experienced teacher is very helpful. As an adjunct to the classes, Chris is happy to answer questions by email and message. You can also connect with a community of yoga practitioners in a Whatsapp group.

Although in an online setting it may not be possible to give close individual guidance, a climate is created in the classes where people can explore their bodies and breath, free from the need to strive and compete, or to achieve some imaginary ideal. With appropriate guidance, we can safely and effectively release tensions and stresses and gradually become stronger and more flexible in both body and mind.

What is This Style of Yoga Called?

We call this approach to Yoga "Breath Based Hatha Yoga", as we emphasise linking the breath with the poses. One reason for this is that attention to the breath calms the mind and helps to promote the relaxed alertness necessary for a complete experience of Yoga. Conscious breathing in the poses enhances their energetic and physical purification effects. Yogic breathing facilitates a profound beneficial shift in the functioning of our nervous and endocrine systems. The breath also acts as a feedback mechanism. For example, if our breath becomes laboured or jerky while holding a pose, it's a signal that we have gone past our "edge" in the pose and need to ease back..

I Am Yoga Classes offer:
  • individualised instruction in carefully chosen poses which are the most useful for achieving health and wellbeing,
  • precise instruction in specific breathing techniques to boost energy levels and still the mind,
  • deep Yogic relaxation sessions which give incredibly deep rest to the system and gradually release deep-rooted stresses,
  • simple meditative practices for healing and transformation,
  • simple pointers from the Yoga masters on how to reduce stress and live a more enjoyable life,
  • support for developing a home Yoga practice, including handouts of Yoga routines.

Class Term Dates and Fees

The current term for online classes finishes on Saturday 19 September. The next term (Term 4) begins on Tuesday 6 October but you can join at any time and just pay for remaining classes in the term. The first class is a free trial. Classes suitable for beginner-intermediate levels. Fee: The Term 4 Class fee is $140 (full eleven weeks and pro rata if you join for part of the term), Term fee includes two 60 minute yoga classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, two 45 minute morning classes on Thursdays and Saturdays and an additional 30 minute Yoga Nidra session on Thursday evening. 

Between term program: Tuesday 6pm and Thursday 6.45am classes will continue during the term break. There will be four classes in total. Total $30 fee or $10 per class. Dates are Tuesday 22 & 24 September and Thursday 24 Sept & 1 Oct. 

Online class times between Tuesday 6 October & Saturday 19 December 2020

Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 6.00pm-7.00pm, Evening Yoga Class
Thursdays: 6.45am-7.30am Morning Yoga Class                                           6.00-6.30pm Yoga Nidra
Saturdays: 7.00am-7.45am Morning Yoga Class

All the above classes are online. Physical classes for Tuesdays may recommence in late November for the remainder of the term at Oakleigh Mechanics Hall, 142 Drummond St, Oakleigh subject to the lifting of current COVID-19 restrictions by then.

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Senior Teaching Member Yoga Australia Certified as a yoga teacher by the Heart of Yoga Association, Yogi Hari and Sri Sri Yoga. Authorised to teach Sahaj Samadhi Meditation and Sudarshan Kriya Yoga by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the Art of Living Foundation

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