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Servicing area: Mysterton, Townsville Queensland

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Gut Health is finally at the forefront medical awareness.Cleansing the colon is an important health step.If your system is sluggish or bloated there is no better 'fresh start' than a colonic.

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Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle detox for the whole body!

HOW? All blood flow from the gut goes through the liver via the portal blood system. Fresh water is used to clean all impacted waste from the colon. During this process, the portal blood system takes up this fresh water along with nutrients, to the liver. This extra hydration goes to every organ and cell in the body via the blood stream. Making the kidney's job of filtering the blood and bringing waste to the colon more efficient.

A colonic is the quickest and most effective means of cleansing the large intestine. As accumulated waste (gas, mucus, bacterial toxins, parasites, fecal impaction and undigested food) is removed, peristaltic action, vascular circulation and lymphatic circulation are all improved.


How is the treatment administered? Filtered water is introduced through a disposable speculum, a tube inserted into the rectum of a draped individual, as they lie on the treatment table. I do abdominal massage during the procedure to help move water around, break up stuck fecal matter and to relax colon spasms.
The speculum is connected to a "closed system" colon machine which takes care of waste removal. This alleviates mess, odor and the inconvenience of going to the toilet during treatment. The individual is not required to do anything except lie as relaxed as possible. Treatments last from 35 min to one hour.
Can one become dependant on it? Could the colon stop working on its own?
No. Actually, one of its good features is that a colonic can help tone the colon muscles so it does not perform so sluggishly.
Why not just use laxatives?
Laxatives are simply not as effective as a thorough cleanse, which also flushes toxins from the liver, kidneys and lymphatics. Additionally laxatives can be habit forming
Will one cleansing completely empty the colon?
Almost never. Many of us have kilograms of impacted faeces in our colon. One cleansing removes some, and the second more. Your personal objective and the guidance of the trained operator will determine how many you will need to have.
Can colon hydrotherapy wash away all bacteria – even good?
No – the majority of beneficial bacteria are produced in the ascending colon. If this is blocked the natural production of ‘flora and fauna’ is reduced, causing bloating and wind – ‘fermentation’ instead of digestion. When cleared through a colonic, normal production of beneficial bacteria resumes.


I'm a naturapath and came for a colon cleanse and I left with a spiritual transformation (to live what I believe). The NES Health has also been a journey I have been connecting with, it aligns me with who I am. I am more in touch, some emotions have come up and makes me think that I need to fix a few things. These therapies combine dealing with all aspects of the body, from alignment to digestion and any other issue.


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