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Mysterton QLD 4812

Servicing area: Mysterton, Townsville and North Queensland

Structural Integration optimises the flow of energy throughout the whole body as tensions and rotations within the extremities and core are released - restoring proper spacial alignment within gravity.

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Structural Integration

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Structural Integration (SI) consists of softening, stretching and manipulating fascia restoring the body to it's natural state of alignment and balance. Fascia is the gluey/juicy, elastic body-wide network of collagen gel bubbles (which are 80% water) surrounding our 75 trillion cells. It can be likened to a three dimensional, uninterrupted network that adapts to how we live our life, and gives us our unique shape.

Restoring alignment of this fascial system within gravity, improves all movement, allowing the flow of fluids, providing energy and information to all tissue layers within.

Fascia absorbs injury and responds to surgery, illness, emotional trauma, poor postural habits, repetitive movements, and plain everyday stress.
Fascia responds to any of these imbalances, by shortening and thickening becoming dehydrated and glue like, leading to chronic pain and stiffness.

If proper spacial arrangement is not restored, the flow of fluids and cell function is compromised. The characteristics of a healthy and balanced connective tissue system are flexibility, elasticity, length and resilience. SI re-educates the whole person to live and move in harmony within the field of gravity, instead of being in conflict with it. This has long term benefits for immunological health, prevention of future breakdown as well as a greater sense of self and personal empowerment.

One Session of Structural Integration can transform how you feel and move. You will feel effortless alignment standing centered in your strength while moving with a new level of comfort and ease.

"There is a pattern, an order in human bodies...When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then spontaneously the body heals itself." Ida P. Rolf, PhD.

The SI Series is one of the greatest ways to keep your body enduringly youthful and vitally functional. If you are not fully satisified with how you feel, how you look, and how you perform, then don't waste time - You have nothing to loose and a potentially life changing experience to gain.


Hellerwork SI has been a satisifying process for me, it has been a spiritually, physically and emotional experience and I have responded in a positive manner, my body is stronger and my awareness of old held patterns has been sharpened. I go confidently on.
Elizabeth C.

After picking up a heavy bag I did some major damage to my neck and was bedriddden for 2 weeks. When I started Hellerwork SI, it was painful for me to stand upright and worse to sit down. Hellerwork SI was a great relief for me. After 3 sessions my body felt FREE OF PAIN. My body is more aligned and I use my new body awareness to keep it that way. Hellerwork SI has been a blessing in my life and a gift I can take with me to continually listen to and honour my body and keep it healthy. Thanks Debra!
Jackie F.

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