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Buddhabar Experience - Holistic Healing & Wellbeing

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Deepen your health, relaxation or healing practice with our unique range of holistic treatments.

Immersive Sound Healing, Quantum Health and Holistic Wellbeing

Focus areas

Wellness Spirituality Well-being Neuroscience Mental health Sound healing

Pioneering the future of sound therapy, Marc offers a unique and modern approach to ancient healing practices. Combining the state of art technology, neuroscience, brainwave entrainment and live instruments to deepen your health, mindfulness, relaxation or healing practice.

Achieve an optimal state of balance for your mental and physical wellbeing while revitalising at a cellular level, leaving you feeling fully restored on all levels.

Experience transformation from the inside-out.


5 Services

Online Sound Healing Meditation

Energy Healing Meditation Sound Therapy Mindfulness Bioresonance Therapy Mindfulness Online Energy Healing Online Meditation Online
$110 Per hour

Relax to a meditative sound journey powered by neuroscience to naturally soothe, calm and revive your mind+body, while transporting you to a deep state of relaxation, healing and rejuvenation.

Bio Hacking Health Session

1hr 30min
Energy Healing Sound Therapy Biofeedback Mindfulness Neurofeedback Bioresonance Therapy Mindfulness Online Energy Healing Online
$330 Per hour

Experience the latest in quantum biofeedback technology, designed to support and boost your energy field through micro-current frequencies. Each session is tailored to revitalise your body, mind & cells to a healthy level for optimal well-being.