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Nov 2009

Essentials in-a-box

Phone 1300 211 064
Address 41 Jersey Rd
Bayswater VIC 3153

Essentials in a Box sells a comprehensive range of Pure Essential Oils and Oil Blends that are perfect for use in our Aroma Diffusers, Vaporisers and Aroma Pendants. Visit the website to shop the complete range.

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Essentials in-a-box - Pure Essential Oils

Bergamot Pure Essential Oil (15ml)

Price: $20.95 

Bergamot essential oil has an uplifting aroma which has been known to be beneficial for people who are tense and anxious.

Peppermint Pure Essential Oil (15ml)

Price: $16.95 

Peppermint has traditionally been used for its analgesic properties and has been known to be beneficial in relieving muscular aches and pains.

Orange Sweet Pure Essential Oil (15ml)

Price: $13.95 

Orange essential oil has been known to stimulate lymph fluids which may assist in relieving swollen tissue. The oil is also very popular due to its uplifting and refreshing properties

Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil (15ml)

Price: $17.95 

Lemongrass oil has been known to tighten elastin in the epidermis and has traditionally been used as part of a treatment for sports injuries, such as sprains and bruises.

Organic Rosehip Oil (15ml)

Price: $19.95 

Rosehip is known as the healing oil as it is rich in antioxidants and skin-friendly vitamins. The oil is also rich in essential fatty acids and as such is able to help lock moisture into the skin.

For more information or to shop the full range of Pure Essential Oils, visit the Essentials in a Box website.



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