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Indriya Ayurveda

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Calm your Mind, Heal your Heart and Nourish your Soul

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Diet and Lifestyle Advice

As a result of our first consultation you will be given lifestyle and diet recommendations according to your individual constitution to pacify any aggravated conditions and lead to a more harmonious and balanced state. “When diet is wrong medicine is no good, when diet is correct, medicine is not needed.” - Ayurvedic proverb.


Regardless of the path that we decide to take towards healing and wellbeing, our body will need additional support in the form of therapeutic supplements or herbs. Supplements that are recommended will be only of high quality utilising ethical practices chosen for their proven effectiveness. I may also recommend Aromatherapy or Flower Essence remedies for emotional harmony, or Homeopathy to work on the subtle body.

Colour Therapy

30min $55

Scientists are now rediscovering that the human body is make up of a vast network of lower and higher energy fields. Disease can be seen as the restriction of the energy flow within the body. Each of the 7 colours of the rainbow have a specific energy vibration which has either stimulating or sedative properties that can cause a natural biochemical reaction. These vibrations when they are applied to the body’s energy field will improve the flow of energy and stimulate our body’s innate ability to heal itself. This is able to assist the body and also the mind and emotions.


60min $190 including Shirodhara oil to take home.

This is a highly effective therapy that sees warm medicated herbal oil poured onto the forehead and is then followed by a relaxing head massage. It is effective for:

    • Stress

    • Nervousness

    • Insomnia

    • Improving concentration

    • Depression

    • Hormonal imbalances

    • Migraines

    • Psychosomatic disorders

    • Fatigue

    • High blood pressure

    • Chronic headaches

Kati Bati

60 min $140

This a special form of treatment for muscular disorders of the shoulders, spine and joints. It provides relief in conditions such as slipped discs, sciatica, chronic and acute back pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulders, arthritis and knee problems.

Emotional Balancing

30min $45 – 60min $85

I utilise a method that is called i-NLP. The i representing the identity which combined with NLP embraces the entire individual.  N represents the neurology of the mind in which our experiences are processed through our 5 senses. L meaning linguistic and concentrates on the way that we give meaning to our unique experiences of and in the world. The P means programming and the patterns, behaviours and ideals that we form and abide by based on our specific beliefs system.

Ayurvedic Massage

90min $130

Ayurvedic massage techniques that are utilised throughout the massage are specifically chosen to balance the major elements in your body at the time of the treatment. This is a rejuvenating massage which improves flexibility, encourages the excretion of toxins, calms the mind and nourishes all tissues of the body by opening the flow of prana or life force in the body. 

Indriya Ayurveda Rejuvenating Facial

90min $160

This treatment is my signature treatment embracing the five senses. The entire process leaves the body completely relaxed, the skin soft and rejuvenated and creates a sense of release. You are then awakened by a gentle chime and wake in a state of bliss.

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Professional Membership

  • ANTA - Australian Natural Therapists Association

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