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Inner Peace Holistic Herbal Therapy

Servicing area: Lithgow and surrounding areas, Online consultations available

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Are you looking for a natural alternative option for your health needs?

Inner Peace Holistic Herbal Therapy can offer you this, by completing a full health assessment that focuses on the whole person, not just the symptoms. Herbal medicine, Bach Remedies and Weight Management Programs offered in clinic or online

Inner Peace Holistic Herbal Therapy

Why would you come to Inner Peace

People of all ages, from children to the elderly, can seek support from Inner Peace for almost any condition related to their mental, physical or emotional health. A confidential, personal and relaxing consultation will cover your concerns and lead to a comprehensive treatment program.

My Ad Dip of Western Herbal Medicine, incorporated with my other qualifications- Dip Alcohol and Other Drug Work and Dip Case Management, along with my professional experience of almost 20 years in community services and welfare, allows for a different aspect to be introduced into the Natural therapy industry. It gives me the knowledge to work with someone dealing with addictions or mental health complaints and support these conditions holistically with herbal medicine and other natural therapy options.

About Inner Peace

Inner Peace Holistic Herbal Therapy is a small private clinic that works with the whole person. An extended health assessment covers your health concerns, with attention paid to your general well being, sleep quality, diet, digestion and elimination, exercise habits and other lifestyle choices that may be impacting on overall health. Inner Peace uses Western Herbal Medicine practices. Whilst Western Herbal medicine has a tradition, it has been significantly influenced and validated by the development of scientific technology and medical research. This offers a modern take on a very traditional form of medicinal practice, on that has been around and in use for centuries.

Services/Products offered

Inner peace offers support in, but is not limited to the following areas:

    • General well being / wellness
    • Acne
    • Allergies
    • Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, inflammatory bowel disease
    • Cold and flu symptoms
    • Immunity support
    • Eczema and psoriasis
    • Fatigue and insomnia
    • Digestive problems
    • Male and female fertility/ reproductive issues
    • Circulation
    • Heart health
    • Respiratory conditions
    • Elimination/ detox processes
    • Endocrine support
    • Nervous system support, anxiety, stress, depression, mental health support
    • Weight loss and nutrition 

Inner Peace utilises the use of all forms of Herbal Medicine from teas to liquid extracts, and prescribing supplements when required in a persons treatment plan.

Inner Peace blends our own medicinal herbal teas, and has a large variety of dried herbs on offer. Teas can be blended to suit treatment plans, or there are a large variety to choose from for your own liking.

Inner Peace offers Weight Management Programs. Weight loss programs developed with the client to ensure goals are acheived, including meal planning, shopping support, and motivation. One on one weight loss consultations, group clinics and online consultations offered. A 'one-stop-shop' of healthy food options available in clinic to support client programs.

Inner Peace has the capacity to refer you for blood, urine or salivary tests which can also enhance treatment programs.

Inner Peace can also work with your pets after a diagnosis from a vet to support the healing processes. 

What to expect at a consult?

A full health assessment is conducted, with particular attention paid to the body systems relating to the presenting condition, in a private, comfortable setting. Treatment programs are wholistic with professional advice and guidance detailed in a comprehensive treatment plan.

An initial consult will take between 45 minutes to an hour, and follow up appointments are encouraged after 4-6 weeks. Weight Loss/ Management Consultations are different. Please contact for more information on these. Please see my website or Facebook page for full costs and other information.

If you are reading this, sitting with that niggling complaint, please give me a call, send a message or an email today so that we can get started on your journey to better health and well being.

I look forward to working with you to achieve your health goals.

Qualification details

Ad Dip Western Herbal Medicine
Ad Cert Bach Remedies
Cert IV Weight Management
Certificate Aromatherapy
Dip Alcohol and Other Drug work
Dip Case Management (Community Services)

Service categories

Inner Peace Holistic Herbal Therapy