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Catherine is a soul-centred psychotherapist and family therapist seeing individuals, couples and families for short term counselling and longer term psychotherapy.

Innerart Psychotherapy and Counselling

The soul speaks it's language through image, dreams, synchronicities and numinous experience. So too, in the depressions and anxieties carried in the body. Soul-centred psychotherapy honours what is yearning to emerge- that which is unique and contributary to the world. Counselling and therapy that honours the spirit and the soul; a depth psychology that invite us to grow and deepen into living from a more alive, authentic version of ourselves.

Now in this time of global disruption and isolation, we are called to find new ways to live and new stories to guide us beyond the pandemic we are living through. 

Not unlike liminal space within traditional rituals of transition, we now find ourselves unable to live in a world we knew. At the same time, unsure of how the world will look, post Covid19.

Such transition can hold great possibility to do things differently.

Whilst we are 'all in this together' we are each travelling within a uniquely different perspective and experience.

If you are looking to have someone to hold space for you, listen deeply or perhaps witness and explore with you the crafting of a new story of your life or who you choose to be at this time then I welcome you.

There are of course, the everyday worries too; parenting, relationships, difficult family dynamics that color the mood of living. Perhaps your employment has changed, you are experiencing financial stress or have health concerns.

Sudden changes test our capacity to manage.

Exploring stratergies to cope with stress can bring relief.

Whether problems that arise are situational or longer term inner concerns, a therapy that is intelligent, compassionate and caring can offer access to a greater authenticity and maturity. 

Both online and face to face appointments are available.

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B.A Fine Art, Dip.Ed, Dip.Family Therapy, Dip.Soul-Centred Psychotherapy & Counselling, Dip. Transpersonal Art Therapy

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