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Servicing area: Point cook, Sanctuary Lakes, Hoppers Crossing, Seabrook, Werribee, Tarneit, Williams Landing, Truganina & Altona

Inner Bliss Wellbeing

Counselling and Life Coaching in Point Cook

Counselling and Life Coaching

Reboot Your Life With Counselling & Life Coaching

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a web of problems that’s slowly eating you up?

Connect with your innerself at Inner Bliss Wellbeing in Point Cook VIC, where I provide counselling and other helpful transformational programs that will free you and get you back on the path of wellbeing.

My services include:


Are you experiencing depression, anxiety or stress? Or, perhaps stuck in a difficult situation where getting out just seems impossible? Talking to an emphatic counsellor is key to overcoming these negative feelings.

I’m here not only to listen to you, but also to be your refuge from your chaotic environment. When you’re lost, we’ll guide you to the right direction. When you’re looking for change, we’ll show you how to. When you’re uncertain about yourself, we’ll build your confidence. And when everything just seems to hold you back from your goals, we’ll push you forward.

Couples Counselling

It’s normal for couples to disagree from time to time, but when the relationship gets cold and you feel that your partner is drifting away, couples counselling will take you back to the basics and revive romance.

During our initial session, we’ll dive right into your concerns and your expectations from our talks and exercises. It’s important that we establish a rapport so that we can both reap the best result, which is rebuilding your relationship.

Life Coaching

Whether you’re working on a startup or considering changing careers, life coaching will help you achieve your goals. I specialise in working with solo entrepreneurs who need help with personal branding, sales processes, building a client base and market niche, as well as marketing and automation.

Emotional Breakthrough

Self-limiting beliefs holding you back from your success?. Ready to remove unhelpful thoughts, shift negative beliefs to positive ones? Perfect for those suffering from inherited behavioural patterns, traumatic experiences, bouts of excessive anger, and stress.

Holistic Healing

Holistic healing works on bringing all aspects of your whole person into a harmonious state. Aligning your energy points and regulating the flow of energy throughout your body benefits your health and wellness. 

This form of therapy keeps you healthy and diseases at bay as it addresses various conditions on multi-levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental.

Parenting Education & Workshops

Parenting is both rewarding and challenging because every child is unique in their own way. I can attest to that as I am a mother to three completely unique children who are all successful grown-ups now. 

I offer parenting workshops, which I have undergone myself and benefitted from as a mum. The skills and techniques that you will gather from these workshops will, no doubt, transform you as parents. 

I would also like to encourage all dads to take part in our new parenting workshops designed for you. Here, you’re going to learn how to tune in to your kids and acquire parenting skills for raising adolescents.


The grief is frequently painful and with time, the emotions should decline every day, but for some people, they can become overwhelming.

If grief affects their lives, it may be the answer to grief counseling, which helps them recover and causes people to hold back and not be able to cope with in the "natural" world. This process is particularly useful for people with unresolved problems regarding the loss of a person, pet or situation. Closure is the key to moving forward.

This therapy is not for people who have lost a loved one recently. Experiencing the grieving process to heal is normal and healthy.


Find the program you need to move through your current state into joy & freedom.
  • Clear your negative blocks
  • Heal past events, trauma, conflicts
  • Move past hate to forgiveness
  • Clear dysfunctional patterns
  • Love yourself

Book an appointment and let’s work on a fresh start.

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