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Servicing area: Zoom consults available Australia wide, High Wycombe and surrounding areas

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Prevent injury and improve circulation & Gain more muscular relief from stress and tension,

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Remedial Therapy

Whether you are suffering from a sports or work related injury, are rehabilitating or simply want to prevent injury and improve circulation, are pregnant or would like to gain more muscular relief from stress and tension, we will cater to all of your needs

Do you suffer from painful, burning feet, achey, or numb feet, do you have bunions, spurs, plantar fasciitis, pain in knees, hips, back, neck
tension, do you suffer from sciatica, do you have hunched rounded shoulders? Are you continually spending money going to Chiropractors, Remedial therapists, podiatrist, Physio's or buying new shoes to try to relieve your pain? Costing a fortune. These Treatments are a necessary part of maintaining a healthy happy life, but we need to start looking at solutions that treat the cause. I have helped many people correct their physiology before my eyes and gain instant pain relief.

Have you ever considered that your feet could be the problem? It all starts from your foundation up!

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