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Inner Freedom

Contact Name Ray Laan
Phone 08 8953 2040
Address Alice Springs NT 870
Body and Mind Synchronisation Therapy (BMST)

Inner Freedom

Body and Mind Synchronisation Therapy (BMST)

Is an holistic approach that integrate the body, mind, emotions , energy and spirit to develop the Higher self and gain understanding of one purpose and overall meaning of life. BMST seeks to release the client from the bonds of past emotional and physical issues mainly through hypnosis and body work techniques.
BMST includes the following approaches and techniques with hypnoses as the main approach:
1. Hypnoses
2. Gestalt
3. Parts Therapy
4. Counselling
5. Psycho-analyses
6. Free Association
7. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
8. Meditation
9. Mindfulness
10. Ortho-Bionomy (Body Work)
11. Energy Work (Reiki and Ortho Bio-nomy)
12. Past Life Therapy
Conditions Which BMST Can Help
Because of the integrated approach of BMST, this work is very helpful for many different types of problems and conditions. Among those are:
• Social anxiety, performance anxiety, panic, phobias and compulsions
• Insomnia
• Self Development and Empowerment
• Transpersonal development
• Pain Management (Chronic)
• Relationships in Crisis
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and
• Woundedness
• Motivation

Structure of a Body & Mind Synchronisation Therapy (BMST)

The mind focused treatment (Hypnosis) of 8-12 sessions is cumulative over the healing period.
• Phobias (4-6 weeks)
• Grief (Individual Pace)
• Anger (Individual Pace)
• Weigh loss (4-6 weeks)
• Depression (8-12 weeks)
• Anxiety (8-12 weeks)
• Smoking (Individual Pace)
• Work Life Balance ( 4 -6 weeks)
• Concentration (4-6 weeks)
• Memory (4-6 weeks)
• Motivation (4-6 weeks)
• Self appraisal (4-6 weeks)

The Body work treatment of 4 sessions is cumulative over the healing period after which an on-going programme of self care and/or additional individual sessions can be developed. The client is fully clothed and the practitioner usually works with him or her on a bodywork table. Some of these techniques include:
• General achiness or fatigue
• Disrupted sleep patterns
• Physical conditions associated with emotional stresses (depression woundedness, shock, anxiety)
• Unlocking the memory that is hold in patterns of the body and may cause repetitive injuries or trauma.

Qualification Details

Diploma (Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy)

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Inner Freedom