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Apr 2005

Judith Grieve - Inner Life Works - Counselling & Yoga Mackay

Phone 0401036 662 a/h 4942 4171
Mobile 0401 036 676
Address Mt Pleasant, Mackay QLD 4740
Servicing Areas Mackay, Queensland

Come and enjoy Yoga & Mindfulness practices ... cultivating the powers of awareness and kindness for living mindfully, at peace with self, others and all life. There's something for everyone whether you seek self awareness, wellbeing, a resilient heart, a strong and flexible body and mind, or recovery from illness. Studio Mt Pleasant & Mackay City Heart.

Details of yoga and mindfulness classes & retreats below.

Judith Grieve - Yoga

Yoga Works: for the over 50s & younger

An invitation to experience personal support.  (Small groups 6-8)

Yoga Works uniting body, heart & mind in serenity & strength

Guiding you to go within ... TO BE MINDFUL, breath by breath, PATIENTLY, exploring body, heart & mind ... DEEPENING ACEPTANCE, letting go force ... FOSTERING grace & balance, posture & poise ... MOVING ... gently unravelling stress & tension ... STRENGTHENING, building endurance & openness ... CALMING, relaxing revitalising ... OPENING THE HEART to self acceptance & compassion ... cultivating PEACE.

Click here to view timetable

(Winter Timetable in PDF to be uploaded.  Details below.)

About the Classes

In all classes you are guided to practice with care and respect for your body, avoiding force, pacing yourself.   All classes include a combination of:

  • Yoga Asanas - for the body's strength & flexibility, internal systems and balance, restorative yoga for rest and rejuvenation
  • Pranayama / Breath practices  - for calming the mind and emotions
  • Mindfulness Meditation - for cultivating deepen insight, wisdom and compassion
  • Yoga Nidra / Relaxation - deep rest for the body
  • Yoga for daily life - a dash of yoga philosophy; exploring the heart of living meaningfully
  • Health care - self care wellness tips 

Session Times

A warm invitation to you to come and share a yoga practice.
Please be in touch before attending.  Yoga classes are 70-75min. Bliss session 2 hrs. Mindful Living Program: 2 hours.

  • Monday 10.15am            Gentle Hatha Yoga: Basics & Beyond. Suit all incl >60s 
  • Monday 5.45pm              Vinyasa: Evening Flow  
  • Tuesday 7.00am              Hatha Yoga & Meditation Basics & Beyond: 5 wk Intro
  • Tueday 4.00pm               Vinyasa: Slow Flow 
  • Tuesday 5.30pm              Mindful Living: 8wk In-depth  Program (Starting: 6th Aug, 8th Oct)
  • Wednesday 5.45pm        Restorative Yoga & Pranayama 
  • Wednesday 7.00pm        Pranayama (Breathing), Meditation & Relaxation
  • Thursday 7.00am            Vinyasa Yoga: Basics & Beyond. 5wk Intro
  • Thursday 4pm                 Hatha Yoga: Long, Slow, Deep 
  • Friday 10.15am               Gentle Vinyasa Yoga: Basics & Beyond
  • Friday (3rd/mth) 5.45pm  Bliss: Restorative Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, chai & bliss balls 
  • Saturday 8am                  Vinyasa: Go with the Flow O'doors  (Summer 7.30am)
  • Saturday 2.00pm             Mindful Living: 8wk In-depth Program (Starting 10th Aug, 12 Oct)

Eating: Avoid eating 2 hours before a class. Ensure you are hydrated. If you must eat, please only have a very light snack.

Yoga Class Fees & More

Weekly Classes:      5 sessions $95; 10 sessions $175; Casual $20;                        

Bliss (3rd F/mth):   5.45-745pm  $40. 

Pranayama, Meditation & Relaxation:  7-8pm Wednesday  $10     

Specials:                 Saturday Casual $18;  4week pass $120.

Bring:                      Yoga mat, towel, water, comfortable clothes for ease.
                                In winter - warmer clothes, socks.


Indoors: Benson Ave, Mt Pleasant, Mackay, Qld.

Outdoors: Covered deck riverside end of Nelson St. Behind Blue Water Lagoon facility.

Please contact Judith before attending your first class. 

Yoga Classes 

Hatha Yoga:  A slow paced practice focusing on yoga breathing practices (Pranayama), clarity in yoga postures (Asanas) to stretch, strengthen the body, yoga philosophy and meditation to calm. You will be guided to position, align and move your body wisely, gently strengthen and unravel tension, develop good posture and graceful movement in your daily life and cultivate a deepening peace.  Sessions will also support your understanding and practice of fundamental mindfulness meditation techniques.  

Vinyasa Yoga:  Building on Hathya Yoga the practice develops cultivating the flow of postures one to another in a variety of short sequences in harmony and rhythm with the breath. Suited to those who have a foundation in the basic postures and ease of movement. Benefits include feeling more supple, strong, clear and relaxed. 

Gentle Hatha Yoga:  Suited to those with physical restrictions, recovering from injury or illness, needing a gentle practice as well as the over 60s. Similar to a beginners' practice, yet gentler.

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga:  Supporting you to building on the foundations of Hatha Yoga and enjoy the feeling in the body of cultivating fluidity and grace in movement.

Hatha Yoga & Meditation Basics (5 Week Introduction): Enjoy learning and exploring the basic foundations of yoga and meditation practices. You will learn yoga's basic postures and breathing practices with a little guiding philosophy and meditation for heart and mind, receive individual guidance and the freedom to ask questions.  

Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation Basics (5 Week Introduction):  Similar to Hathy Yoga and Meditation Basics supporting you to cultivating a flowing yoga practice and supporting you to find your own pace. 

Vinyasa Yoga, Evening Flow:  A variety of flow sequences designed to support you to unwind and unravel tension as the day draws to an end.

Vinyasa Yoga,  Into the Flow:  A morning practice, flow sequences for you to enter the day energised.

Vinyasa, Slow Flow:  This afternoon session is an active yet a slow practice a step up from beginners. The slow pace supports you to refine the basics whilst enjoying various sequenced movements designed to release tension, strengthen and gently energise and relaxed.

Vinyasa, Go with the Flow:  Enjoy a Saturday morning practice in nature, by the river. The practice varies in responsive to participants' needs on the day. Some sessions are slower, others more dynamic and naturally everyone is encouraged to practice according to their needs on the day.

Restorative Yoga, Rest, Release & Restore:  Combining gentle floor based movements to unravel tension and unwind, yoga's breathing practices and meditative attention to calm the heart-mind, concluding with supported resting postures that are deeply relaxing. The aim is to support you to experience an abiding mindfulness and kindness to be with the waves of any body sensations, emotions and thoughts. Beneficial if you experience stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, burnout, limits to movement or simply need to slow down.

Bliss:  Enjoy the sanctuary of immersion in restorative yoga practices to cultivate the bliss of deep release and relaxation; pranayama - yoga breath practices for nourishing and calming body and mind; meditation to cultivate increasing joy and happiness. The session ends with a quiet Q&A over a cup of chai tea and bliss balls.

Morning and Day Retreats

Step out of your routine into a peaceful, quiet sanctuary to nurture yourself.  You will be guided to go within to be with yourself, your body, your heart and mind ... with care and kindness.  Enjoy the nourishment of gentle yoga practices, meditation and inspiration for bringing yoga into your life on and off the mat. Each retreat offers different mindful living topics with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Retreat Details

Morning Retreats:    1st Sunday of the Month. 7am-11am.

Fee:                           $85 (inc shared vegan breakfast);

Day Retreats:            Winter: 3 June; Spring: 1 Sept; Summer: 1 Dec

Fee:                           $165 (inc shared vegan breakfast & lunch)

Bring:                        Yoga mat, towel, water, journal.

Locations:                 Mt Pleasant, Mackay, Qld.  


Mindful Living Program

Cultivating life skills, mindful relationships, a wise mind, a content and happy heart.  These sessions include a talk / discussion on a mindfulness theme, applying mindfulness practices in our everyday life, guided meditation practice, questions and answers over chai tea. There is the option of seated, resting and movement based meditation practices. Movement based practices are a great way to meditate if you feel restless or have difficulty in seated or lying meditation.  (Please see more details under the Mindfulness tab.)

Private Sessions: Individual, Small Groups

Sessions are available for those with difficulties or those who need or would like individualized care.

Private sessions are tailored to suit you if you:
* Have a specific health challenge, requiring individual support
* Need a remedial program before joining group classes
* Prefer to practice alone and want a home program
* Have a small group of people who want to explore yoga
* Have a small group wanting to practise regularly together

Groups: By arrangement.

Uniting body, heart & mind
in serenity & strength.

For more information about what may best suit your needs or to enrol - just call or email!

Yoga Testimonials

"I come to this sanctuary each week and feel restored"  Natalie

"Life is full and this is something I give to myself each week" Debi, Business Owner

"I like the small group classes and value the quality of teaching" Cheryl, retired 

"The session eased tension I'd been carrying for some time and hadn't found a way to release."

"I remember what you say in class during the week, and it's been so helpful over the years in everyday life" Lynn, business owner

Others report:  "I welcome the guidance in the class. I appreciate I can practice at my own pace.  The practice and the talks help me deal with life's stressors with greater ease.  I feel so much better coming twice a week." 

May you enjoy deep peace and happiness.

Qualification Details

  • Masters in Experiential & Creative Arts Therapy (Counselling) (MIECAT, Melbourne)
  • Post Grad Diploma in Experiential & Creative Arts Therapy (MIECAT)
  • Neurolinguistic Programming / Neuro Semantics (Petersen Events)
  • Diploma of Oriental Therapies (Shiatsu) (Nature Care College, Sydney)
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage (Nature Care College, Sydney)
  • Yoga Teaching (Oki Yoga Dojo, Japan)
  • Diploma of Teaching (QIT, Brisbane)
  • Cert IV in Workplace Assessment & Training (MADEC, Mackay)

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