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Inner Mind Therapies

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Servicing area: Heathridge and Northern Suburbs of Perth

Inner Mind Therapies

I offer individual Counselling and Life Coaching, specialising in women's issues, life transitions, personal and spiritual growth, stress and anxiety. A holistic approach that can assist you to live your life on purpose, a life that is in line with what you value and what holds meaning for you.

Inner Mind Therapies - Counselling & Life Coaching



Counselling focuses on self-understanding and personal growth. Life is busier than ever and we can all experience specific challenges. We all wish for fulfilling lives, but at times we can feel overwhelmed, uncertain or confused. Changes in our lives, periods of transition, things we cannot foresee, can all impact on our wellbeing. Each individual session is specifically customised to your individual needs.

Wellbeing can relate to many areas of your life…


    • Emotional


    • Professional


    • Physical


    • Mental


    • Spiritual


Life Coaching

What would you do if you believed that you could truly achieve anything?

Do you…


    • Feel like you are at a set of crossroads and you are unsure of which path you should take?


    • Desire to reconnect or explore with who you are and what you want out of life?


    • Want to deal with your inner critic and negative self-talk?


    • Access your natural resources and talents?


    • Want remove your behaviours or habits that no longer serve you?


    • Require help to work through challenging or difficult times in your life?


    • Feel like you require some debriefing with someone who will understand and listen?


    • Are you tired of living your life according to others?

Life Coaching does not tell you what to do nor does it ‘fix’ things. Life coaching is about encouraging and supporting you on your journey. I work closely alongside you not only on setting your goal/s, but also when you require assistance through the steps that need to be undertaken to reach your goals.


For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!


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