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InnerSpace Therapy

Sheila Wood

Suite 58
330 Wattle St
Ultimo NSW 2007

Servicing area: Sydney

InnerSpace Therapy

No matter how chaotic or hopeless it may seem, given care, respect and safety, The Human Spirit will in time return to its natural tendency of Harmony and increasing beautiful expressions of the Self

Counselling, Psychotherapy & Life Coaching


Gain the assistance you need to face difficult challenges that inevitably arise in your life by being part of a professional and interpersonal relationship. These challenges may include:

  • Injury and/or Chronic Illness
  • Employment Anxiety and Financial Challenges
  • Parenting Confusions and Difficulties
  • Migration and Relocation
  • Maturing and Ageing
  • Grief, Loss, and Separation

You will have me to work with you to make sense of these challenges. Together, we will find a way to integrate them, understand why they are there, and search for a better approach that will help soften or avoid its impact.

Here at InnerSpace, counselling sessions are generally conducted weekly and are usually 50 minutes in duration. You may attend sessions in person or online.


If you are experiencing difficulties not just in response to a specific situation but also in a more general manner that spreads throughout various aspects of your life, then psychotherapy is for you. Think of it as counselling but with a more extended scope that addresses these types of concerns specifically.

Psychotherapy’s goal is to look for and find solutions to patterns in ourselves and others that may be physically or psychologically painful or destructive.

Together, we will untie the knots of these destructive possibilities and look for greater understanding that will overcome the damaging state that is reoccurring. 

Generally, weekly sessions will do but having it on a more frequent basis may be best in cases where there is a higher level of intensity. 

Like counselling, psychotherapy sessions are usually 50 minutes in duration and you may attend sessions in person or online.

Life Coaching

If you are looking for a new direction in life, wanting to unlock your true potential, or hoping to achieve holistic goals, life coaching can do this for you. You can gain an effective system of professional mentoring in both personal as well as business areas of your life.

My approach is geared towards matters related to your psychological health and spirituality and not just about your material or physical aspirations.

Together, we identify what your goals are which are in line with your  deep core values and then create action plans that show compassion for all aspects of your personal and collective life. 

Gain support, strategy and focus to bring desired outcomes into reality whether your goals are career, family, relationship or personally motivated.

You can achieve even the most ambitious goals as long as people around you consistently and effectively support you to sustain positive action in the direction of your realisation.

​My life coaching sessions run for 50 minutes, and they may be conducted weekly or fortnightly. Likewise, these sessions may be attended in person or online.

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