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Inner Strength Kinesiology

Jenn Kitchen

5 Firebrace St
Horsham VIC 3400

Servicing area: Horsham, Fairfield, Richmond, Victoria

Inner Strength Kinesiology
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Inner Strength Kinesiology

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Fairfield, Melbourne:
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Permanent Beauty Centre
1 Green Street
Richmond 3121
Ph: 9429 6346

Des Lardner Organic
5 Firebrace Street
Horsham 3400
Ph: 5382 7766

Monday and Wednesday:
9am — 5.30pm

Tuesday Qigong Classes:
9.30am — 10.30am
7.15pm — 8.15pm

What is Kinesiology?

Holistic Kinesiology is a safe, natural and effective complementary therapy. Its approach is holistic in that it looks at the structural, biochemical and mental aspects of each person.

At Inner Strength Kinesiology we believe your body knows what it needs to reduce the pain &/or stress and restore the balance to all the systems of your body. We use the gentle, yet powerful, kinesiology techniques to access your body's unique information and direction of healing.


Who can it help?

You don’t need to be sick to see a Kinesiologist. Many adults and children use Kinesiology as a way to improve performance in many areas eg: work, public speaking, assignments, exams, relationships and/or achieving goals.


What are the benefits of Kinesiology?

At Inner Strength Kinesiology Jenn offers you a safe place to explore your health issues / relationship / emotional or goal setting / lifestyle issues, providing you with access to your body's insight and allows you to fully tap into your reserves of inner strength and healing.

Benefits you may experience:
  • Reduction of any presenting pain/stress/anxiety/depression

  • Improvement of you posture, health and self esteem

  • Achieve your goals

  • Improvement of your energy and motivation levels

  • Empowerment to make healthier choices

What remedies are used?

  • sound
  • colour
  • crystals
  • counseling
  • acupressure
  • flower essences
  • nutritional support
  • energetic rebalancing
  • holding neuro-vascular points
  • massaging neuro-lymphatic points

What Clients say:

"How Kinesiology works is a mystery to me, but I acknowledge that our bodies store information, stuff that we may have forgotten or denied. We hold on to our stories, our anxieties and trauma, and our lives are strongly affected by these.
What I get out of my experience of Kinesiology is special insights into my own dynamic. What makes me react to certain situations that I can't explain, that I feel have no control over. The more I look at these things with Jenn's guidance,the deeper I can go to get to the source of my anxieties and "stuck-ness"
Every session holds a small revelation, like messages from my inner self. I look forward to my sessions because they're all about me!"
Greta – Balwyn, Vic.


"I went into the session with a few issues on my mind but one fear regarding a change in my circumstances had been particularly overwhelming for me for some time. It didn't take Jenn long to identify the issue.
During the session, she worked with me on this matter which led to my gaining a better understanding of the roots of my fear.
When I left the session, I felt so much more comfortable and my fear swiftly abated."
Sarah – Preston, Vic.


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