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Christina Albu

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28 Brunker Rd Broadmeadow NSW 2292

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To boost and preserve your natural appearance, know the benefits of our services to keep your body healthy.

Reflexology, Ear Candling & Facial Bar

Servicing area

Hunter Valley, Newcastle & surrounds, and Central Coast NSW

Focus areas

Deafness Dementia Tinnitus Arthritis Cancer management Eczema

What is Reflexology?

This is a technique of relaxation that reduces stress. This procedure not only helps the feet alone, but rejuvenates the whole body completely. It activates nerve endings on the feet that are connected with the organ of the body. The stimulation of the tissue of the feet induces electrical waves throughout the body and promotes wellbeing. It also helps the body to improve and maintain its health.

The body's many and complex structures can be accessed via its feet including:

  • Endocrine 
  • Elimination System
  • Digestive System 
  • Respiratory 
  • Skeletal System

Through stimulating the communication of organ reflex points in the feet, the function of the body organ can be enhanced with this procedure.


  • Cleans out waste, toins & impurities
  • Improves circulation of blood & lymph 
  • Revitalises energy

What is Ear Candling?

Ear candling is a gentle and soothing procedure to clear the ear canals and promote the flow of energy into the whole head area. This is an excellent treatment for the relief of head and ear conditions such as: glue ear/swimmers ear, sinus congestion, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), hearing problems, age related deafness, flying discomfort, excessive ear wax.

How is the procedure done?

One end of a waxing cloth or cone is lit and the other end is inserted into the ear of the subject.

The subject lies on one side with the uppermost ear and the vertical light. The candle may be fastened to protect against hot wax or ash falling on a sheet of paper or a pie tin in aluminum. The subject, lying up with the ear candle extending upwards to the side with an upwards slant of 45 degrees, is also an ear candle. A water platter is put under the ear candle next to the subject.

The ear candle session takes 40 minutes, and each ear is burnt with a candle.

What is a Natural Beauty Facial Bar?

Despite growing health concerns, the general public is well aware of and does not want chemicals and preservatives on their bodies, and with that in mind, we have developed our Facial Bar. 

Enjoy the relaxation and purity of our facials with:

  • Transdermal Nutrition
  • All natural ingredients
  • There are absolutely no hidden preservatives under the guise of natural

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