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Tanya Levy

33 Ludbrook ave
Caulfield South VIC 3162

Servicing area: Caulfield South & Richmond VIC

Focus area: Telehealth

If there’s a missing link in your life, chances are you haven’t found your purpose yet.

Nrtta Sadhana, Holistic Counselling, Crystal Therapy & Meditation

Claim Your Life’s Purpose

In Purpose offers yoga, Nrtta Sadhana, psychological kinesiology (Psych-K) and holistic counselling in Caulfield South VIC.

Combined with other natural healing methods such as crystal therapy and meditation, the said modalities can free you from the loop of unhealthy patterns of behaviour that hinders you from pursuing your purpose in life.

The ability to achieve the life you’ve long been aspiring for is deeply rooted in mental clarity, courage and self-worth. I will take you through all these and more in the following classes:

  • Cyberscan
  • Healing
  • Psych-K
  • Flow Yoga and Nrrta Sadhana
  • Retreat and Meditation Classes
  • Self-Development Packages

4 Steps to Achieving Your Purpose

  1. Remove the obstructions in your life
  2. Address your stress
  3. Develop supportive beliefs, positive behaviours and clear goals
  4. Recognise your self-worth and confidence


Find out how yoga, Psych-K and the rest of my spiritual and counselling programs have helped other people find their purpose in life.

“Working with Tanya has given me the ability to handle both personal and work related stresses with greater clarity and comfort. Her methods have enabled me to instil greater balance and calmness”
- Law firm

“With Tanya’s work I felt self empowered, I learnt how to understand, reduce, and manage my stress, with easy to follow techniques and immediate results.”
- K Mart

“Tanya’s processes helped me regain my self confidence, I now have more energy and clarity of mind – I’m kicking goals again!”
- Country Road

“Working with Tanya I have seen mind blowing results, and I now feel totally empowered to achieve all the goals I have set myself in life”
- Above and beyond Reality

Book an appointment and, together, we’ll work on a plan that will lead you to your true purpose in life.

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