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Coaching is an effective and meaningful catalyst for change, designed to bring individuals, teams, and executives to their optimum performance. Whilst Family counselling is based on the understanding that emotional and psychological problems come out of a context.  By sharing their feelings and thoughts openly in a safe environment family members can find better ways of approaching challenges and developing sound strategies to move forward constructively.


Coaching is specifically designed to develop solutions, strategies, and new perspectives to solve issues and meet goals. Coaching is an active and ongoing collaboration between you and your coaching and it can change your life – it aims to optimise your creativity and to bring out your innate resources. In the coaching process the coach supports, encourages, challenges, and helps you to prioritise choices and to develop your plan to live life at your highest level of effectiveness which is meaningful and full of richness.

Family Counselling

Family Counselling can be helpful in a range of situations including the communications and relationships within the family need some improvement. Family counselling can help with:

  • One or more family members are experiencing emotional or psychological problems and when the family dynamic may not be helping them and family members want to find ways to help the situation

  • Adjustment to step-family changes

  • Families are having difficulty making shared decisions and agreeing the best way forward

  • One or more family members are experiencing life transition and adjustment issues

  • Boundaries and roles are unclear, expectations are different for individuals

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