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Irenee Brooks

Inspirational Vibrations

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Learn how to condition the state of your mind using your unlimited source of energy.

Intuitive Coach, Therapist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Servicing area

River City & South-Eastern Suburbs QLD

Focus areas

Joy Wellness Self-confidence HeartMath Loneliness Love

My Journey to Spiritual Development

Hi! I’m Irenee Brooks of Inspirational Vibrations. I created this platform to reach out to individuals in River City and South Eastern Suburbs whose energy levels have gone low and subsequently affected their day-to-day lives.

My goal is to help you heal and revitalise your energy pathways as these affect not only your physical condition but also the overall state of your wellbeing.

In the early 1980s when I was working in the financial markets, I had my first inkling into the “collective consciousness” through the psychology of markets.

My curiosity about the human condition was sparked and my passion for psychology and philosophy began.

This led me to the world of yoga, meditation and relaxation wherein I became a passionate teacher and an intuitive coach and therapist.

I have been in the field of holistic therapy ever since!

I travelled to many parts of the world, learning from different spiritual teachers of ancient cultures. I have a strong thirst for knowledge and my wisdom bank is growing as the years of experience turn over.

Sometime in May 2017, I visited the HeartMath Institute in the United States where I was certified to deliver their Resilience Advantage™ program, which is extensively practised throughout the USA by the US Navy and hospital systems and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

I was drawn to HeartMath because as I was exploring over the last 30 years the benefits of meditation and personal development and spiritual development. 

It so happened that the team at HeartMath Institute were discovering the science behind it, bridging the gap between science and spirit. This resonated with me and aligned with my personal truth.

My aim is to bring awareness and to teach skills to the wider community, to tap into the infinite energy resources that surround us and lie within us.

Drawing on these energy resources helps us live a highly conscious, spirited life. As we shine our light, we are able to see and pick up the treasures that await us along our path.

My Philosophy

We are beings of light manifested into a physical form. Our purpose is to hold the light, the purest energy, being unconditional love.

The world we live in appears to be chaotic but collectively we are of a greater mind.

​Our evolutionary process is to shift our vibrational light to a higher, lighter frequency to a state of mind where peace and harmony reign.

​If one connects and holds the light within, when tested or pressured only light radiates. That is our highest potential.

We are open to all possibilities. 

We are the creator of our own reality.

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3 Services

Pellowah Healing

1hr 1min
Energy Healing Meditation Life Coaching Spiritual Healing
$100 Per session

Pellowah Healing Technique is used for personal development, as it calms emotions, clears the mind and brings about a greater feeling of inner peace, strength and confidence. It can also help overcome feelings of fear, self-doubt, anxiety and depression.


1hr 30min
Yoga (All) Energy Healing Meditation
$20 Per class

Gentle Yoga harmonising Body Mind and Spirit. Focusing on evidenced-based breathing techniques for more awareness. Stopping energy drains, align heart and brain for optimal functioning, awaken intuition. Greenslopes Tues 6pm


  • Certified Heartmath Resilience Advantage Trainer
  • Yoga And Meditation Teacher
  • Pellowah Healing Practitioner And Teacher

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