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Suzanne Newcombe

Naracoorte SA 5271

Servicing area: Naracoorte, Online consult Australia wide

Focus area: Telehealth

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Chakra balance hot stone massage

Aromatic heated & chilled stone massage/crystal energy healing & balancing. A beautiful & uplifting experience to give the body, soul & mind complete harmony, by balancing your chakras (energy centers).

  • 60 min head, shoulders, back, arms, legs and feet - $85
  • 90 min Full Body - $120

Hot Stone Massage

Heated and chilled stones blended with therapeutic relaxation & acupressure techniques.

  • 30 min back, neck, shoulder - $50
  • 60 min Shoulders, back, arms, legs, feet - $80
  • 90 min full body massage - $110

Crystal Facial

Blissfully relaxing this unique facial combines semi-precious stones/crystals, acupressure points & facial techniques for a brighter firmer complexion. It also assists in removing tension, anti-aging, promoting collagen, lymphatic drainage, helps prevent new tension lines & wrinkles appearing, massage does all this by stimulating the blood vessels under the skin.

  • 30 mins Face, neck, head - $30

Crystal Reiki Healing

Using crystals in combination with the channeling of reiki to stimulate the self-healing of the mind, body, soul. It's like recharging your battery.

  • 60 mins - $60

Release and let go healings
(3 sessions)

Works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, releasing past hurts and traumas that have held us back from being who we are uniquely born to be.

  • 90 mins each session - $70

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