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Gold Coast and available for yoga-therapy consults in Sydney

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Sports performance Love Self development Nurturing Lifestyle Joy

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Creating positive transformation and self-realization via intelligent utilization of yoga technologies.

Inspiring, personalized yoga practices that are relevant and respectful to each individual as they are already.

We are working to promote authentic yoga practices that offer the maximum benefit possible to the practitioner and a community that supports this process.

Yoga is intimate relationship of ones self with life. Our practice is an ongoing work cultivating this intimacy. Using our breath and movement to create an optimal opportunity toward a meditative state, encouraging positive transformation and realization.

Stop looking and start living!

We do not promote a brand of yoga. We simply offer an intelligent and appropriate approach to yoga that is right and relevant to you.

Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Learn tools that will enhance the practice you already love.

Or begin a practice that genuinely serves and honours you as you are.

Scott Helbron

Scott Helbron is a Yoga Therapist and facilitator currently based on the Gold Coast of Australia. He regularly facilitates yoga workshops and classes throughout Australasia, and specializes in Yoga Therapy – personalised yoga practices designed to heal, transform, and realize.

He has studied and trained in holistic healing sciences such as Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as comprehensive training and continued studies of Yoga in the lineage of T Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar.

He continues his studies with his teachers and mentor Michael De Manicor, Mark Whitwell, Peter Ralston and Kausthub Desikachar.

‘My aim is to do my best in offering assistance in the development of a personal yoga practice designed to attend to an individuals needs. Whether this be for enhanced body/mind health, rehabilitation and healing, or for some deeper calling. My own personal life experience and yoga journey confirms that a correctly designed personal yoga practice will bring the highest benefits to the practitioner . Yoga is a hollistic practice that is so much more than just asana (postures) and it is my intention to utilize the various tools of yoga to help people in their personal development and positive transformation’

Scotts classes are intended to be a stepping stone to improved mind/body/spiritual health. They are designed to take into account your personal needs and aspirations in an effort to improving physical, mental and emotional health as well as offering an opportunity to experience and understand the simplicity of an authentic yoga practice and its relationship to life.

Heart of Yoga

The ancient wisdom of yoga teaches that Life is already given to you, you are completely loved, you are here now. It teaches that we are not separate, cannot be separate from nature, which sustains us in a vast interdependence with everything. The universe comes perfectly, and is awesome in its integration and infinite existence. This union is our natural state, this union is Yoga.

When you experience this connection to the fullness of creation, of nurturing source, you are doing your Yoga. Yoga is your direct participation in nurturing source.

All of us at Heart of Yoga are committed to broadening this message: You are fully loved, you are fully able, you are perfectly capable the way you are. We strive to teach the healing power of intimate connection, in the traditions of 10,000 years, recaptured for our era. We hope to transform individual awareness of this interconnection, and thus human consciousness and the societies we have created.


Yoga includes attention to all aspects of practice: asana, pranayama, chanting, study of Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras, and lifestyle inquiries. Each student, ideally working one-on-one with a selected teacher explores his or her own needs in each area of practice. The teacher-student relationship is highly valued: emphasis is placed on each student finding and establishing a close working relationship with a teacher. This is the heart of yoga. Finding a good teacher is key. The qualifications to teach are: one has a good teacher, one practices yoga, and one cares about people.

Since the practices are individually tailored, each application is somewhat different. However, there are some general principles of the technique. For example, asana generally includes great focus on the breath. Instead of aspiring towards idealized postures, poses are selected, sequenced, and modified to suit individual abilities, needs, and goals. The overriding principle is to stay with the breath, as it provides the method for the practitioner to realize his or her highest potential.

When appropriate, sound is used. Chanting can include the use of any sounds of cultural significance to the practitioner, in addition to the traditional Vedic chants, the ancient texts of India.


We are passionate about what we do and we love helping people discover yoga and what it is really about and how it can help you.

There is a lot of confusion with all the brands that are marketed out there and its often dollars that come first before a genuine interest in you as an individual. Thats why we take a genuine personal approach and only offer small group classes, so as to give you th attention you deserve.

Often there is confusion also as yoga seems to be reduced to a form of exercise or stretch class (which admittedly it certainly does a fine job at that!), yet at the same time, it is almost tragic that the remaining tools of yoga, which are potentially even more powerful, are neglected, misunderstood and excluded from the public.

At Inspirelife we aim to serve you with all the tools that are integral to authentic yoga.

We offer this to you on a personal level with our private personal programmes and also our small group sessions.

Our workshops aim at introducing and educating people in this approach.

Corporate settings also can benefit from this also as we design programmes to fit within your workplace.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga technologies – Advanced tools for health, healing and beyond.

  • Health maintenance. Maintain your physical/mental health through your own personal yoga practice.

  • Rehabilitation and healing. Programmes designed to address and heal physical injury and mental disharmony.

  • Enhanced sports performance. The perfect cross training programme tailored to compliment your sport/activity. Providing you with enhanced and superior performance, as well as faster recovery and less injuries.

  • Yogic Psycho-therapy. Create positive change in the way you think and transform your life into a life you love.

  • Spiritual realisation. Guidance and education available if this is your calling.

To gain maximum benefit from yoga, it is important to have an appropriate well designed practice that takes into consideration your personal needs and goals, as well as your stage in life, constitution and ability.

Its important that we start from where we are, and from there, open ourselves to our own yoga experience. To have a personal practice that we can call our own and be with, sincerly and authentically.

This is an advanced approach to yoga that is suitable for everybody from beginners to experienced practitioners.

An important aspect of our approach is that it is only you who can take responsibility for your own health and healing. We simply work with you, teaching you tools and techniques to assist you on your journey to enhanced health, positive self development and a joy-full life.

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