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Claire Maree Besley

Suite 2
5 Bay St
Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Our team members are multidisciplinary practitioners who work collaboratively to increase the effectiveness and intensity of the work we do for faster and longer lasting results.

About Us

Claire Besley is the CEO and Founder of Inspirited, Claire is a master healer, teacher and speaker for Inspirited. Claire is available for individual and group healing sessions.

We also have a specialist team of practitioners that are skilled in a range of the different wellness and healing practices with over 30 different disciplines to draw from.

We have received requests from other practitioners who want to use our programs so we are also offering training to practitioners who want to deliver the Inspirited healing and Wellness programs.

What's holding you back?

Dealing with life’s challenges can be hard especially if you are prone to anxiety or self doubt. When your self confidence has taken a hit or you feel your have fallen on hard times you can loose focus and motivation, this can cost you time, money and success in life.

What would your future look like if you knew you could move through any emotion or thought quickly and easily? What if your past baggage and pain was gone? What would your life be like if your sense of self worth was unshakeable?

How much easier would it be:

  • to say ‘No’ more often?

  • to live free from anxiety and depression?

  • to perform under pressure?

  • to make healthy choices for yourself?

  • to tell people how you really feel?

  • to get further in your career?

  • to connect deeply with others?

  • to improve productivity & performance?

  • to find meaning & purpose?

  • to stop self sabotaging?

  • to resolve relationship issues?

  • to put yourself first?

Inspirited’s healing and wellness program enables you to release all your built up stress and emotion. We help you undo and release all the old patterns, addictions and limitations that have been holding you back. Leaving you with a strong sense of self worth and the ability to live your life the way you have always wanted to.

If you are interested in learning how to release your emotional blocks and patterns quickly please contact us for more information.

How to achieve "Authentic" success with Inspirited Solutions

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