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Integrated Bodywork and Massage


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At Integrated Bodywork and Massage (iBaM) our sole focus is to help people. Whether it be to help a client wind down with a nice relaxing Swedish massage or to help someone get rid of or to manage pain through Myofacial release. iBaM have the knowledge, skills and passion to deliver an experience that is memorable, relieving, somewhat educational or that will be just down right relaxing.

Integrated Bodywork and Massage

Servicing area

Liverpool, Moorebank, West Hoxton, and Surrounding Suburbs

Focus areas

Pain relief Back pain Pain management Migraine Muscle pain Neck pain

Staff of iBaM have undertaken different styles, modalities and techniques which include Swedish massage, Sports specific massage, Myotherapy, Myofacial release, Trigger release treatment over the last 5 years (and will continue to add more techniques), any and all of these treatments, leaving the majority of clients (who receive the treatments - 95%+) feeling light, free and in a much better state of mind.

Whether it be their back, shoulders, neck, knees, hips, gleuts, elbows, shins or even that sore thumb (the list goes on) as well as conditions like sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome, that persistent pain from the ongoing migrane, as well to mention that the majority of clients feedback that after having received a treatment, they have a fantastic night's sleep, as a number of clients sufferer from sleep issues. 

As well at iBaM, you are treated as a whole person, not just a sore knee or a sore shoulder. Because we know that as well as the site of pain, (for this instance we'll say the knee) that there is most times a trigger, which is in most cases that opposing sore shoulder that you've been having... You won't be able to fix one without fixing the other. 

After your treatment has finished, you get to take with you a plan. First, how many times you will possibly need to return for further treatments, and second you are given some tips and strategies to minimise pain (if it is to return) as well as being able to contact iBaM for any advice  that you might need.

Any of these treatments are able to be undergone either with or without the use of oil. You are able remain fully clothed (preferably light clothing) or as with the Swedish massage (where oil is preferred) you are able to remove your clothing remaining draped. Either situation will receive the same outcome. 


Myofacial Release

Remedial Massage Deep Tissue Massage Swedish/Relaxation Massage Sports Massage Myotherapy
$100 Per hour

Myofacial Release is an amazing massage modality that will have you feeling light, refreshed and rejuvenated reducing pain in most areas of the body where pain is found, flicking the reset switch for any or all intended muscles.

Business Hours

We're open 5 days.


10:00 am To 8:00 pm


10:00 am To 2:00 pm


10:00 am To 8:00 pm


10:00 am To 2:00 pm


10:00 am To 8:00 pm


  • Certificate IV In Massage Therapy
  • Certificate In Myotherapy (SLM)
  • Certificate In Kingmyopro Myotherapy

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