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Weight Loss Services
Member since
Jun 2004

Integrated Health Sydney

Phone 02 9518 1219
Mobile 0411 861 779
Address 48 Norton St
Leichhardt NSW 2040
Servicing Areas Leichhardt, Glebe, Balmain, Sydney NSW
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Our goal here at Integrated health is to ensure that the right program is recommended to you, so that you can achieve your health and weight loss goals!

Integrated Health - Weight Loss Services Sydney

Lose Weight and Keep It Off - The Natural Way!

We here at Integrated Health now offer a comprehensive Weight loss program to all of our clients in the greater Leichhardt, Glebe & Balmain areas. By incorporating traditional medicines and modern screening tools, we can create a weight loss program that is personalised to your needs. A range of factors will be taken into considerations when we create your dietary plan, including you:

  • Health status
  • Weight loss goals
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Food preferences

The affordability and convenience of this system allows it to be used by people of all ages, regardless of their background or budget. Contact us today by phone or by sending us a message via the 'Make an Enquiry' button and begin your weight loss journey today!

Introducing the Metagenics Shake It Weight Loss Program

Shake It is an easy to follow, proven way to lose weight fast. Not only do you lose weight by using this program, but you also maintain your muscle mass. Current research shows that many weight loss programs do help you lose weight, but often at the expense of losing muscle tissue. This tissue is very important in maintaining and building your body, but also in aiding in burning body fat.

So if you're looking for a natural way to help you lose weight without losing important muscle mass, then the Shake It weight loss program is for you. To find out more just click here or contact us today.

Click here to view our latest price list.


"Fourteen months ago I began the long awaited day when I finally stopped saying Ill start tomorrow and I started today. I began with a visit to my doctor and discovered that my blood pressure was vey high, my cholesterol and blood sugar levels were elevated and I was on my way down a slippery slope. The one thing the doctor did not need to tell me was that I was way overweight; although he did confirm that diagnosis as well. I did not want to start taking drugs for my blood pressure and set out on a plan to take control of my life.

I began to work on my weight with the Blood Group Diet and some body shaping activities. I did very well for four months losing 71/2 Kilos but for some unknown reason just stopped flat!.no matter how well I stuck to the diet or exercised, my scales read the same every day. I was very happy at least not to be gaining weight again even over Christmas. I was fitting comfortably into my clothes and my blood pressure had come down; but I was still on the borderline of hypertension and wanted to lose more weight.

In my search over the next six months to try to find out why I was stalled and wanting to get back on track with getting my health, lifestyle and weight. I discovered Integrated Health and Jason Mallia. I found that Jason worked with the Blood Group Diet, and as I also discovered has a holistic approach to health, wholeness and well being.

Jason worked with me supporting my personal preference for a natural approach. In turn I discovered that there are a many interrelated processes in our bodies that can inhibit our metabolism and cause our bodies to be out of balance and thus contributing to my health problems.

With Jasons support I continued on the blood group diet along with the SHAKE IT weight management program. My health and well being have improved with the herbal supplements tailored to my specific needs based on the information gain from the full body scans that show what is going on the inside. Jason has recently added some weight bearing exercises to my program to support muscle health that in turn helps my metabolism to burn fat.

Over the last six months I have lost another 8 kilos of body fat, my blood pressure is down to a very health range and I have more energy, am calmer and enjoying life."

- Noemi Northridge


For more information about our Weight Loss programs or to being your Shake It journey, just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below to talk to one of our trained professionals


Qualification Details

  • Registered Naturopath and Acupuncturist
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Comp Med) (CSU)
  • Doctorate of Science (AM) ,(OIUAM)
  • Doctorate of Integrative Medicine (UNM) USA
  • Doctorate of Philosophy ( Nutrition) (WBU)
  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (ACNT),
  • Master of the Institute of Human Individuality (Genetic and Blood Type Diet ,USA),
  • Master Dorn Method and Teacher (DMAA)
  • Diploma Nutrition ( ACNT)
  • Diploma Botanical Medicine,(ACNT)
  • Diploma Homeopathy (UK) BIH
  • Advanced Diploma Homeopathy (ACNT)
  • Diploma Sports Injury Therapy (ACNT)
  • Diploma Remedial Massage (ACNT)
  • Advanced Certificate Iridology,(ACNT)
  • Cert Integrative Medicine (University of Queensland)
  • Cert Medical Acupuncture (AMATC)
  • Adv Cert LBA (Met QLD)
  • Advanced Certificate Biomesotherapy



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