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We have helped 1000's of clients regain good health.We do this by following our 3 step methodology!Find the answers to your health problems by searching for the cause, the right way! Naturopath Sunshine Coast And Naturopath Brisbane& Gold Coast Naturopath Integrated Wellness is a multimodality clinic with services of Naturopath, psychology and nutrition...  path to wellness!Naturopath Suzi Le Fanue & the Team specialises in the treatment of acute and chronic digestive imbalance. Book your FREE Introductory appointment today(07) 5458 4800 .

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All of our Naturopath team are listed with one of the Australian Naturopath Practitioners Associations ANTA , ANPA , ATMS

We GUARANTEE satisfaction. If after your first consultation you do not believe that your Naturopath has given you high quality information, service or support or your Naturopath does not believe they can help you and you let us know within 7 days, we will refund your consultation money.  

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Suzi completed a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) in 2008, majoring in Nutrition with a minor in Microbiology (the science of studying bacteria, virus and fungus). Suzi has also completed postgraduate studies in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine. As a result of her Science background, Suzi has an in depth understanding of the human body from both a biochemical and a natural integrated perspective. Suzi has worked on genetic research projects and is passionate about research in the field of natural medicine and health. Using nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and diet correction, Suzi is able to address conditions such as hormone imbalances, digestive complaints, infertility, mental health issues, allergies and preventative medicine. Suzi has a strong emphasis on finding the imbalance through specialised testing and correcting the imbalance, at the same time using a “no band-aid approach”. Suzi specialises in the treatment of acute and chronic digestive disease through thorough and accurate pathology testing. Since completing her degree, Suzi has predominantly worked in the areas of mental health, digestion and hormone imbalance. Her approach is to address every possible trigger, this is when you get the best possible outcome. The potential cause is often left without treatment, her goal is to find your cause.


Suzi has appeared in numerous magazines, papers, radio broadcast, health retreats and invited to speak about her passion. Suzi Le Fanue is a strong believer that educating the public is the best form of preventative medicine. She looks forward to helping you achieve your health goals. BOOK YOUR FREE Introductory appointment TODAY (07) 5458 4800

Unlock your Happiness With Mental Health

Are you tired, unmotivated, feeling down, yet feeling wired and just about to give up? You could be missing a few pieces to the puzzle… Mental health is likely to affect each of us at some point in our life. However, do you notice how some people are free from debilitation faster than others? Some people find themselves in a downward spiral and unable to get out, the deeper you get in the harder it is to just “think yourself happy”. It gets to a point where it can severely impact your life and the life of those around you. The cause? Research has shown that there are many causative factors that drive someone to become anxious or depressed. The answer you need to be searching for is, why wont it leave you alone? There are 5 areas that the Integrated Wellness Clinic differentiates from other clinics.

Healthy Hormones

Are you irritated, nervous, lacking sleep, disinterested, sleep deprived and lacking the spark you once had? Are your hormones making you feel CRAZY?! There is always a reason WHY! What makes someone happy? A question most people ask themselves at some point. Let’s looks at the neurotransmitters. Serotonin (a target of many anti-depressant medications) makes us happy and feel good, but its levels are depicted by your levels of circulating oestrogen. Dopamine our excitement and stimulating neurotransmitter is depicted by progesterone levels. Did you know that both these neurotransmitters may be seen to be low in those suffering with digestive issues or hormone imbalance? Something that most of us don’t think about is, how are the brain chemicals made? Most of the work in done in the gut! Dopamine levels are dependent on numerous factors, mostly originating in the gut. With low protein digestion and a lack of nutrient absorption, neurotransmitters and hormones can almost never be in balance. So nutrient are what help Dopamine production, but what could help to balance progesterone? The answer is Dopamine. This revitalising neurotransmitter, and progesterone, are associated with each other. Get both of them back at the same time for the longest lasting results. Increasing your neurotransmitters can undoubtedly give you back your spark!

Digestive Wellbeing Your digestive system is to you the same as the root system is to a tree. Without it, you cannot absorb the nutrients you need to survive, just as a tree absorbs nutrients from the soil. Imagine the damage to your whole body that can be caused when you upset your root system. For a tree, the leaves fall and the tree looks very sick. The key to repairing the foundations of your health is to find out what triggers your digestive system problems. There is always a cause. At The Integrated Wellness Clinic, we use Scientific Pathology testing to accurately determine what is causing your mood and digestive imbalance. Constantly treating symptoms with band aid methods will never repair your health long term, leaving your reliant on medication and supplements. The goal is to investigate, test, search for the trigger, repair the damage and live a healthier, happier life!



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