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Christine here at intomeSee specialises in providing a range of professional Qigong Sheng Zhen services. This form of meditation and movement is perfect for people of all ages.

intomeSee - Qigong Sheng Zhen

What Is Qigong Sheng Zhen?

Qi is lifeforce. Gong is action. Hence qigong is the movement of lifeforce within you through gentle movements. Sheng Zhen is defined as unconditional love and wuji being the first/primal energy - oneness. When combined Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong is the movement of lifeforce in its purest form of energy, love, within/without each Being.

Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong is meditation in moving and non-moving forms. There are beautiful contemplations that accompany each movement enriching this form of qigong allowing the mind, body and spirit to feel the connection as One.

What Are The Benefits of a Session?

The benefits of Sheng Zhen qigong are numerous and affect multiple levels. The physical body is strengthened and stretched and the breath massages and cleanses the anatomical systems. The mind is emptied allowing peace and calm and the spirit is experienced as stillness. Complete cleansing of the being is obtained through the removal of stagnate qi.

This qigong is ideal for anyone who needs to balance life. It is simple and can be practiced at home.

Why I Practice Qigong Sheng Zhen

Sheng Zhen Qigong for me, is a state of being. The structured movements are the perfect guide for allowing the soul a limitless exploration of no-thing. The depths of freedom and meditation that is accessible is dependent entirely on how far you delve into this mindless state.

Sheng Zhen is a beautiful gift that allows true surrender, a letting go and an acceptance of life in all its glory, helping one achieve a state of awareness that resides deep within the heart centre and infiltrates into daily experiences. With a clear mind and a healthy body we live in peace and experience life at its optimum.


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