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Intrinsic Naturopathy

Rebecca Pattinson

46 Challis St
Newport VIC 3015

Servicing area: Melbourne & Western Region

Intrinsic Naturopathy

Revitalise and Renew

About Intrinsic Naturopathy


Naturopathy provides you with the chance to work with a specialised practitioner who will take time out to listen to your specific instructions. We schedule you in for longer appointments so that you can get the chance to really let us understand what is taking place in your life and how it is impacting you whether positive or negative. We truly care about you!

By customising your treatment to address the mental, physical and emotional aspects that are unique to you we achieve effective results, and the achievable plans can be more easily incorporated into your current way of life.

Naturopathy can benefit you in a number of different ways!

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Intrinsic Naturopathy - Naturopathy Naturopathy is a holistic therapy that treats the body as a whole.
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