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Colonic Hydrotherapy, Detox, Naturopathic Wellness Clinic est. 2001 17 years experience and qualified health practitioner in the field of Colonic Hydrotherapy, Detox and Gastrointestinal Health issues including IBS, Constipation, colitis and all bowel disorders.

Colonic Hydrotherapy & Naturopathy

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Fremantle, Western Australia

Focus areas

Nurturing Parasites Nervous system Stress management Well-being Full body massage

Welcome to Inside Out Health Lounge

At Inside Out Health, we believe that true beauty, total well-being and vibrant health comes from deep within.

We merge an ancient practice of colonic hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation) with the advancement of complimentary medicine to deliver a naturally gentle approach to cleansing and detoxifying the body.

We ensure our clients rejuvenate and re-energize in utmost privacy and comfort.

We understand that when the internal environment is clear of toxins, a true balance and optimum wellbeing can be achieved.

Opening Hours:
    Mon- Sat: 8am - 8pm
    Sun: By appointment only

Colonic Hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation)

Colonic Hydrotherapy is a safe process of total tissue cleansing by removing toxins, parasites and other unwanted materials and build up from the digestive tract. This method introduces warm filtered water at low pressure into the colon using a special sterilized and disposable tube attached to a catheter. Toxic poisons, gas blockages, accumulated fecal matter, parasites, harmful bacteria and mucoidal plaques are flushed away from the colon.

A safe and gentle treatment controlled by patient and practitioner in total comfort and privacy. Abdominal massage is used to help enhance release and patient comfort.


We offer a full system health check consultation including iridology, dietary evaluation and lifestyle counseling. A holistic approach for the treatment of physical, mental and emotional imbalances utilizing herbal medicine, nutrition, flower essences and body energy work.

Mind Body Medicine

A gentle but dynamic therapy which uses living flower essences to transform mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. Diagnosis targets the sub-conscious level to residue underlying problems that may be limiting our opportunities for happiness and personal growth.

Detox Programs

Detox is an effective way to rid the body of toxic overload and bring vibrant health back to balance. We assess each individual and cater for specific requirements needed to effectively remove unwanted toxic build up from the digestive tract, blood and lymph systems while supporting the liver and kidneys cleansing deep into the cells and tissues of the body.

We do not recommend total fasting but deliver a safe, effective and controlled diet complemented by fiber, trace minerals, vitamins, enzyme immunoenhancers, anti-parasitic herbs, plus other herbs to assist in cell and tissue cleansing.

Depending on each individual’s needs, programs run from:
  • 7 days
  • 14 days up to 30 days

Full Body Massage (1hr)

A completely relaxing and gentle massage applied to the body to reduce stress, fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety. We use special flower essence creams to revive energy levels and bring back balance.

Most importantly, this treatment can increase blood circulation and create a feeling of wellbeing and ultimate relaxation.

Detox Massage and Organic Aromatherapy Body Scrub (2 hrs)

A Deep Massage using warm black sesame oil is applied all over the full body to draw out toxins and relax the nervous system. Both deeply pacifying and nurturing to mind and body. The skin is then scrubbed with organic herbal scrub to remove dead skin cells and reduce cellulite. Detoxifying, refreshing and relaxing.

Reflexology and Foot Bath (1hr 15min)

A therapeutic treatment where the feet are soaked in a warm foot bath, followed by a gentle foot massage and applying pressure to the points in the foot that can stimulate circulation and nervous system. Healing to the organs, releasing tension and increasing our resilience to stress and illness.

Far-infra Red Sauna

The most advanced far infra-red technology from Japan.
  • Removes toxins from body
  • Lose weight
  • Improve skin tone
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Comfort and relax tired, aching muscles
  • Body conditioning

Bowen (45min)

Bowen technique is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy which can result in relief to many specific injuries and health problems, both acute and chronic. The practitioner delivers signals to the nervous system at specific muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves allowing the body’s innate healing mechanism to respond and balance.

Herbal Dispensary

We offer a comprehensive range of herbal remedies perscribed for optimum health benefits by fully qualified herbalists.

Detox & Lifestyle Programs

Inside Out Detox Programm (3 week detox programm) $ 399
  • 1 x Detox guideline & meal plan
  • 3 x Far-infra red sauna sessions
  • 3x Colonic Hydrotherapy
  • 3 weeks Bowel/ Liver cleanse herbs

Master Cleanse (3 week detox programm) $580
  • 3 x detox guidelines and nutritional consultations
  • 2 x Full Body Massages
  • 3 x Far Infra Red Sauna Sessions
  • 3 x Colonic Hydrotherapy

Spring Weight Loss/Detox Programm $390
  • 3-6 week programm
  • Includes 20 days supply ketogenic protein Meal x 1 per day
  • 20 days supply of ketogenic snacks x 2 per day
  • Ketostix
  • Recipe Book and Patient Guide

3 Day Retreats ( live –In available) $680
  • 3 day/ 2 nights accommodation (extra)
  • Health Lectures
  • Juice Fasting
  • Organic Foods (90% raw)
  • Daily Yoga
  • 3x Infra Red Sauna (Detox Box)
  • 1 x Massage
  • 2x Colonic Hydrotherapy
  • Bowel/Liver detox programme/herbs

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