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Ironbark Homeopathy

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Address 23 Boundary ST
Redland Bay QLD 4165
Phone 07 3206 8274

We specialize in Natural Sound Therapies.

Ironbark Homeopathy - Sound Therapy

Vibrational Therapies using Sound, Colour and Light

DNA Can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies
by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf
Russian DNA Discoveries: Original Version

Bio-energetic therapies are generally recognized as complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

These therapies use vibration to address the bio-energetic matirix of the person in order to understand, prevent and treat altered health states and conditions.

The Ironbark Homeopathy Clinic uses colour exposure and musical tone correspondences.

For example, a fatty liver, degenerated and congested from a heavy metal storage problem will receive a green exposure through ionized air/light stream.

The sound of the colour of green 256 Hz on the Pythagorean scale can be intoned with the use of a tuning fork with singing bowl binaural resonances.

Gemstone homeopathic: Emerald would be given.

Also available are anti-viral EM frequencies.

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