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Bridge Bowen Clinic

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Murray Bridge, South Australia

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Welcome to Bridge Bowen Clinic

Bowen Technique consists of a series of precise soft tissue moves on specific points of the body. These moves are light and can be done through clothing.

Mr. Tom Bowen developed the Bowen Technique in Geelong, Victoria. After serving in World War II, Mr. Bowen became interested in ways of alleviating human suffering. He noticed that when he made certain moves on a body, it had particular effects. Mr. Bowen developed the technique without training in any health care field: he claimed that the work was simply a gift from God. He developed the system and eventually opened his clinic full time.

The technique addresses the soft tissue or fascia of the body which in turn may affect the musculoskeletal framework, nerves and internal organs. The body's integrated response improves circulation and lymphatic drainage and aids in the assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins.
In 2011, there are many variations of Bowen. This is mainly because Mr. Bowen had no notes, charts or manuals recording his techniques. The other reason is that of evolution. Nothing is ever static, everything always changes. People have required different solutions for different problems and as this happens over time, techniques are slightly modified from one practitioner to another to accommodate. Introduction to Bowen Techniques covers the moves on the muscles of the back and neck. Level 2 is aimed at training the practitioner in specific assessment tools and moves for the extremities. Level 1 is a prerequisite for this course. Robert Preece has been using Bowen techniques since 1988 and Tito Pignetti since 1992. Between them they have a wealth of knowledge and experience and have been successfully teaching others Bowen Techniques for 10 years.


Mr. Preece has lectured and trained with the Australian College of Myopractic teaching Bowen Techniques since 1991. He has lectured and trained in Melbourne and Adelaide since 1991. He has Diploma of Myopractic, Diploma of Naturopathy, Diploma of Remedial Massage Diploma of Natural Therapies Diploma of Myofascial Release, Diploma of Trigger Point Therapy, Diploma of Bowen Therapy and a Certificate 4 in Work Place Assessment and Training.

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